You seem to refer to the “Red Pill manosphere community”. Without taking sides and going into details, I think the dialectic of co-creation between males and females is clearly shifting. This is necessary for a new synthesis to emerge that gives males and females equal rights and responsibilities in the public and domestic spheres. The catalyst for this new way of dating and relating is a shared “Transcendental“ purpose that makes the world a better place by males and females co-creating more truth, goodness, beauty and functioning. This “higher” purpose goes beyond our biological purpose of survival, reproducing, forming groups, and quality-of-life-seeking, which often leads to objectification and power-games between the sexes. This new form of relating requires males and females to become equal co-creators at the level of all seven chakras by balancing and harmonizing healthy feminine and masculine polarities in their interior, exterior, individual and collective dimensions.


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