On the evening of day four of our workshop in Agva, Martin will offer you an optional advanced Tantra intensive that builds on our previous workshop exploration of spirituality and sexuality.
Tantra means extending and weaving… the manifest and unmanifest, the ascending and descending, stillness and movement, the body, mind, heart, and soul.
Nicole and Martin will gently guide you through increasing levels of energy exchange, heart connection, spiritual presence, and sexual intimacy with your (practice) partner.

  • Build sexual energy through dynamic meditation that weave together earth, water, fire, and air elements.
  • Focus on movement and your breath while strengthening your PC muscle.
  • Build your presence and heart connection in a Yab-Yum/ Shakti-Shiva circle breathing and deep embrace exercise.
  • Open, activate, and connect your seven chakras in a guided partner meditation.
  • Engage in a “clothing-optional” intimate partner/group flow massage exercise.*
  • Stay for a tantric Yoni and Lingam massage demonstration and paired “hands-on” exercise.*

* If you plan to participate in this part of the evening, please bring a Sarong/Pareo (cloth to wrap your body in).