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Learn how to identify your life’s purpose and how to share it in a healthy love relationship. Learn about our Biological Purpose or “biological imperative,” which we share with all living beings, and how it impacts our sexual selection process and love relationships.

See how awakening to our “higher” or Transcendental Purpose transforms our lives and love relationships.

Explore four different methods how to discover your Transcendental Purpose.

Remove roadblocks to live your life with more passion and purpose.

Discover how to co-create with your soulmate at the level of all seven chakras.

Fee: 40TL For private room & refreshments
https://goo.gl/maps/hj8QyDa2d3Bk4Nkp9 (correct address)
https://goo.gl/maps/ZGSECBYNFDG1qEeK6 (correct pictures and pin)

Time: 15:00 pm -18:00 pm

Please send us your email address to receive your personal invitation or sign up directly at:

You may also just confirm here and come to the event (space is limited so it is “first come first served”).


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