24.03.2019 tarihindeki atölyeye katılmak için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz.

In this meeting we will introspect, learn and experience were we are in our own consciousness development and how we relate with other people.
After we established a strong foundation for our activities and relationships in our February 17th meeting with Rasih, Martin Ucik will guide us through an interactive exploration of eight “floors” or “levels of consciousness” that we have the potentials to climb, and how each floor/level affects our worldview.

Most modern people are aware that humanity evolved through several stages of consciousness, and that children develop in stages from birth to adulthood. Fewer people are aware that adults continue to have the potential to grow and develop.

So far, eight stages have been identified, with higher stages possible. In our March 24th meeting, Martin will facilitate several exercises that allow us to identify our own stage of consciousness development and that of others, and how these stages impact all our relationships.

The insights into these stages will be life-changing, as they are profoundly relevant to a range of areas including leadership, conflict management, organizational change, communication & marketing, working with diverse communities, cultural transformation, and of course your love life.”

Hours: 14:30 – 17:30


Nea Yaşam Akademisi Nişantaşı American Hospital

Poyracık sok.

The Flower of Human Mind

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