Romantic Couple Intimacy Weekend Workshop (English speakers only)

An invitation for one couple (or suitable single person) to spend an experiential weekend with Martin at the Integral Center to deepen your relationship through learning, healing, growing and awakening.

Arrive on Friday evening and leave on Monday morning (before and after curfew). Free parking in our underground garage. Sleep in my guest room with access to a private bathroom and a two person bathtub on the roof terrace. We will cook and eat together throughout the weekend and maybe watch some movies in the evening.

Practices include:
• Meditation to quiet your mind and learn to love unconditionally.
• Co-Creation in all four dimensions of your being.
• Understanding the difference between being-needs and neediness.
• Expressing observations, feelings and needs.
• Communicating at the same level of consciousness development.
• Understanding the difference between biological sex and learned gender roles.
• Healing and avoiding the fear-shame downward spiral.
• Balancing and harmonizing feminine and masculine polarities.
• Five state/stages of spiritual awareness.
• Five state/stages of sexual development including tantric practices.
• Healing your anima/animus complex.
• Understanding and harmonizing your personality types.
• Moving towards secure attachment by identifying and healing your avoidant and anxious wounds.
• Healing your shadow and emotional wounds.
• Identifying the purpose for your relationship.
• Opening and co-creating a healthy love relationship at the level of all seven chakras.

Cost for one couple is 1200 TL including food. Contact Martin at [email protected] or phone/WhatsApp 0535 863 64 50 for details and reservation.