Dear Integral Friends,
I am back from the Integral Conference in Budapest, vacation in Thailand, and an 11-day hike followed by a family visit in Germany and would like to check in and catch up with you before I leave again next Tuesday, August 15.

Image above: My 90-Year-old Mother and my Sister and Brother, some of our children and their partners.

Please join us for our FREE Mini Workshop this Saturday to say a big THANK YOU! to you for supporting the Integral Center since I came to Istanbul five years ago and to get an update about future events.

Healing Developmental Trauma.

Image Above: Healing Developmental Trauma

This workshop is for singles and couples who want to heal their developmental trauma.
– Learn about the difference between shock trauma and complex developmental trauma.
– Watch a short video about Adverse Childhood Experiences and Caregiver Failures.
– Learn how trauma is stored in the body.
– Learn why trauma makes us sick and disconnected from self and others.
– See why trauma disconnects us from others, from healthy relationships, and from feeling fully alive.
– Distinguish between default/primary emotions and vulnerable emotions.
– Experience a somatic, mindfulness-based approach to healing five forms of developmental trauma.
– Identify your false beliefs about yourself.
– Avoid adaptive survival styles based on shame and pride.
– Practice how to restore your five core human capacities for connection, attunement, trust, autonomy, and love/sexuality for healthy relationships.
– Re-connect with your true identity.
– Practice the developmental trauma healing cycle.

Saturday, August 12. from 17:00 to 19:00
Followed by option dinner at Big Chefs


Integral Center
Mecidiyeköy Mahallesi
Lati Lokum Sokak Çınar Apt. No: 12, Kat: 4, D: 14
Phone/WhatsApp: +90 531 655 9306
Easy to reach by metro M2 Line and Metro bus (see details at

I hope you will join us.

Kayıt Olun - Bodrum AtolyeNEO İntegral İlişkiler Çalışması

Kayıt Olun - Bodrum AtolyeNEO İntegral İlişkiler Çalışması

With love and appreciation,

Martin Ucik