Join our experiential workshop to learn how to heal your complex developmental childhood trauma so that you can feel fully alive in a healthy love relationship.

Kayıt Olun - Bodrum AtolyeNEO İntegral İlişkiler Çalışması

Kayıt Olun - Bodrum AtolyeNEO İntegral İlişkiler Çalışması

This workshop is for singles and couples who want to heal their developmental trauma

Martin is a NARM® Trauma Informed Integral Relationship AuthorTrainer, and Consultant who supports singles and couples in co-creating healthy integral love relationships.

– Learn the difference between shock trauma and complex developmental trauma.
– Learn why trauma makes us sick and disconnected from self and others.
– Learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences and Caregiver Failures.
– Learn about personality disorders.
– Learn how trauma is stored in the body.
– See why trauma disconnects us from others, from healthy relationships, and from feeling fully alive.
– Distinguish between default/primary emotions and vulnerable emotions.
– Identify your false beliefs about yourself.
– Experience a somatic, mindfulness-based approach to healing five forms of developmental trauma.
– Practice the five core human capacities (connection, attunement, trust, autonomy, and love/sexuality) for healthy relationships.
– Avoid adaptive survival styles based on shame and pride.
– Re-connect with your true identity.
– See how trauma leads to attachment disorders.
– Practice the developmental trauma healing cycle.

Date & Time:
Saturday, June 10th, 2023
(11:30 to 12:00 registration and social time for an on-time start)
Optional dinner at BigChefs Astoria afterwards

Integral Center
Mecidiyeköy Mahallesi
Lati Lokum Sokak
Çınar Apt. No: 12, Kat: 4, D: 14
WhatsApp: +90 535 863 6450
(Easy to reach by metro M2 Line and Metro bus (see details at

400 TL prepayment via IBAN
600 TL at the door

Martin Ucik (Garanti Bank)
IBAN TR68 0006 2000 6090 0006 6693 73

We offer tea, coffee, water and snacks

NARM® and the Integral Relationship Model:

The NeuroAffective Relational Method/Model (NARM) is a somatically based “bottom-up” and mindfulness related “top-down” method for healing complex developmental trauma and attachment wounds that were created through persistent caregiver failures and miss-attunement during different phases of childhood that prevent children from developing their age-appropriate core capacities and potentials for Archaic “connection”, Magic “attunement” and “trust”, Egocentric “autonomy”, and Mythic “love/sexuality”.

NARM® identifies related adaptive survival styles that abused and neglected children developed for each capacity through disconnecting from their authentic needs and feelings. This later distorts and dominates their sense of self in adulthood through false shame- and pride-based counter ego identifications to avoid their underlying pain and grief which disconnects them from their authentic self or true identity, and thus their capacity to securely connect with self and others and to feel fully alive.