Advanced Enneagram in Relationships and Q&A with Dr. Khaled ElSherbini and Nataliia Bolshakova

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini


Dr. Khaled ElSherbini is the founder and chairman of “Enneagram Egypt”, the first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in North Africa and the Middle East. He is also the founder of “BeCon, the Consciousness Academy” a dedicated academy focusing on human development and spiritual transformation. Dr. ElSherbini is an IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional, and the founder of the 3 IEA Accredited Training programs provided by Enneagram Egypt. He is also a Spiral Dynamics Integral accredited professional by the SDi founder Don Beck, through ValueMatch.

Dr. ElSherbini obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo, his Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from the American University in Cairo, his Doctorate degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from West Virginia University, and his MBA degree in strategic management and innovation and technology management from the German University in Cairo. He is also currently completing his Master of Science degree in Psychology, with specializations in consciousness, spirituality, and transpersonal psychology from Liverpool John Moores University.

Dr. ElSherbini also obtained numerous non-academic certifications in the field of human development, including: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Level, Reiki Universal Energy Master/teacher, Life Coaching practitioner, Systemic constellations practitioner, Mindfulness and Consciousness practitioner, Enneagram practitioner, and Integral consciousness.

Dr. ElSherbini has over 25 years of experience in the fields of human development, coaching, consciousness and awareness, executive management, corporate restructuring, sustainability, renewable energy, research and development, technology management, strategic management, and teaching in the USA, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, China, and in Egypt. 

Dr. ElSherbini created his own models of human consciousness evolution and development by synthesizing and integrating numerous models, mainly: the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, Integral consciousness, modern psychological studies, and Sufi spiritual philosophies and psychology. These models are integrated under one overarching scheme called the "Integral Enneagram", and include:

   - Stages of the Heart: a model for psychospiritual awakening

   - Stages of the Mind: a model for cognitive expansion and maturity 


Ms. Nataliia Yuriy Bolshakova

Ms. Nataliia Yuriy Bolshakova cofounded Enneagram Egypt, the internationally accredited Enneagram school for psychological and spiritual development and awakening, in 2015. She holds the title of President of Enneagram Egypt and is working as both a methodologist and a psychologist for the school. 

In addition, Ms. Bolshakova is the author and the teacher of a psychological course, devoted to raising self-awareness in teenagers – “Enneagram for Teenagers”, and the director of the Enneagram Applications project where graduates of the school apply Enneagram knowledge into different spheres of life, including: 

  • Enneagram for Teenagers
  • Enneagram Egypt School Project (EESP)
  • Islamic Enneagram applications
  • Group Coaching with the Enneagram
  • Architectural Enneagram Initiative
  • Among others …

In early 2019 Ms. Bolshakova and her colleague initiated and launched the Enneagram Egypt School Project, the main goal of which is to educate and to spread awareness among teachers, students and parents of students in Egyptian schools.

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