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Interest List 5-Day Integral Relationship Professional Training/Workshop

Interest List 5-Day Integral Relationship Professional Training/Workshop

Watch above Angelina Munaretto (Social Entrepreneur and Ret. Government Exec.), Dr. Wayne Carr (Licensed Psychologist) and Kirsten Kristensen (CNVC Certified Trainer, Coach, Mediator) sharing their experiences about the Workshop Gathering, 2021 in Agva/Istanbul.

May 2023 Training Graduates

Join our next 5-day International NARM® -Trauma-Informed Integral Relationship Professional Certified Training at Integral Center in the heart of Istanbul.
Accomodation/breakfast at Molton Monopart Hotel within 3 minutes walking distance of the center.

Integral Center workshop room for up to 20 people (when seated in circle).

Integral Center roof terrace.

Immerse yourself in a five-day in-person training workshop retreat with Integral Relationship Author and Facilitator Martin Ucik.

Learn, practice, and fully understand how to embody, apply, live, share and, if you choose so, teach the cutting edge (r)evolutionary 26 Integral Relationship Modules, including how the NARM® complex developmental trauma related shame-based ego identifications and pride-based counter identifications integrate with the 26 modules, to co-create healthy, sustainable, romantic love relationships between equal and opposite partners of any sexual orientation who heal, learn, grow and awaken together to share their biological, transformational, and transcendental purpose that makes the world a better place.

At the end of the 5-day training, you will receive a diploma as "Certified Integral Relationship Professional”.

Register today. Do not delay and avoid being placed on the waiting list as space is limited to 16 participants.

The entire workshop gathering will be experiential with many individual, paired, and group exercises. We will also offer evening intensives.

Workshop Schedule:

Please let us know if you want to offer a morning practice at the Integral Center such as Yoga.
We will have a light lunch in the 2 Buçuk Cafe & Bistro below the Integral Center and dinner around 6:30 p.m. (included in the accommodation price) at BigChefs in the nearby Trump Towers (click here for the English menu of their international cuisine and here to learn more about their female-oriented approach to gender equality), BigChefs in the Astoria building, which is 15+ minutes walking distance from the Integral Center, and other local Turkish Restaurants so we can get some fresh air and exercise.

Workshop Details:


Arrival Day

We will have dinner around 6:30 pm at BigChefs in Trump Towers, 5 minutes from the Integral Center and Molton Hotel (included in the accommodation price).

Optional Evening Intensive

Setting Intentions and Introduction to NARM Healing Developmental Trauma

Join Martin after dinner for an evening of setting intentions and an introduction to the NeuroAffective Relational Method/Model (NARM®) which we will use throughout the workshop to deepen our experience in each of the 26 Modules (see list here.)
NARM is a somatically based “bottom-up” and mindfulness related “top-down” method for healing complex developmental trauma and attachment wounds that were created through persistent caregiver failures and miss-attunement during different phases of childhood that prevent children from developing their age-appropriate core capacities and potentials for Archaic “connection”, Magic “attunement” and “trust”, Egocentric “autonomy”, and Mythic “love/sexuality”.
Join Martin to learn about related adaptive survival styles that abused and neglected children developed for each capacity through disconnecting from their authentic needs and feelings. This later distorts and dominates their sense of self in adulthood through false shame- and pride-based counter ego identifications to avoid their underlying pain and grief which disconnects them from their authentic self or true identity, and thus their capacity to securely connect with self and others and to feel fully alive.


Day 1


Workshop: Love Is Unconditional, Relationships Are Not

How is it that we can feel unconditional love towards all people and creation, and may experience a unique irresistible sexual attraction, deep heart and emotional resonance, and divine soul connection towards another human being, and yet often find sustaining a healthy love relationship in a lived day-to-day reality arduous?

On this first day of our workshop, we will explore why love is unconditional and relationships are not by putting the material, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimension of romantic relating into a developmental cultural, and social context.

We will also learn that most adults continue to evolve in consciousness after adolescence, but that few understand how this growth impacts our lives -- and love relationships in particular. Together, we will explore eight stages of consciousness development in a relational context.

This knowledge and experience will allow you to identify your own and the level of development of others to understand conflicts that arise between couples, and groups with differing world-views, values, and meaning-making structures, and how they communicate their needs and attempt to resolve conflicts differently in the four dimensions of their being.

Detailed description.


Optional Evening Intensive 

To be anounced


Day 2


Workshop: Ending The Confusion Between Sex, Gender, and Feminine/Masculine Polarities

Why do we still talk about gender wars and often see our relationships deteriorate from love to outright hostility? How do we create lasting sexual attraction and synergy in our love relationships?

On this highly experiential and practical second day, you will learn to understand biological differences and learned gender roles between the sexes, and how to prevent your relationships from going down the fear-shame spiral (or returning to love and romance). You will also experience feminine and masculine polarities in an embodied way, and how to balance and harmonize their healthy expressions in thriving love relationships.
This knowledge and experience will allow you to understand and make peace with yourself and the opposite sex to co-create happy love relationships.

 Detailed description.


Optional Evening Intensive:

To be anounced


Day 3

Workshop: Spirituality – Sexuality - Complexes - Types

What is happening on a spiritual, sexual, and psychological level when we deeply resonate with another human being and how can this resonance be created and deepened?

On this third day, we will go for a deep dive into various forms and depths of spiritual experiences, leading us to non-duality, a state/stage that cannot be talked about but only pointed to. This will be followed by a “Tantric” exploration of the connection between psychology, spirituality and sexuality, and how repressed male and female qualities create complexes that make the opposite sex attractive and challenging at the same time. The day will close with an eye-opening exercise on how our Love Languages and Enneagram Types including three Instincts impact our love relationships.

This knowledge and experience will allow you to take your spirituality, sexuality, and soul-connection to the next level of possibility and to give and receive love in ways that are deeply satisfying.

Detailed description.

Optional Evening Intensive:

To be anounced



Day 4

Workshop: Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships

How is it possible that we are consciously evolved and spiritually awake and still get triggered into devastating fight-flight-freeze reactions, especially in intimate love relationships? Of course, it is because of our unconscious -- but how to deal with it? On this “magical” day, we will learn about five forms of the unconscious and practice a simple, yet powerful and life-changing process how you and your partner can welcome emotional triggers to heal your unconscious and childhood attachment wounds in ways that allow you to move towards undefended love by using affirmations, mindfulness, and coherent narratives. We will also learn how to avoid the 22 stages of the decline of relationships between highly evolved empaths and people with personality disorders.

Detailed description.


Optional Evening Intensive:

The NARM Healing Cycle for Complex Developmental Trauma 

The first few pillars of the NARM healing method are similar to the "Undefended Love - Healing Our Shadow" process we practiced during the day. Both support us in getting in touch with our emotional fight-flight-freeze reactions such as anger and shame, and the underlying unconscious vulnerable feelings such as grief and sadness that create separation from our true identity or authentic self.
Join Martin in the evening for a deeper healing process by getting more and more in touch with your somatically felt connection and disconnection to self and others. This will support you to increasingly disidentify (see Spiritual Development) from these feelings and develop an adult consciousness with the capacity for agency (see Feminine-Masculine Polarities) to relate to ourselves and others through authentic (1) connection with our bodies and emotions, (2) attunement to our feelings and needs, (3) trust in our ability to depend on others, (4) autonomy to set healthy boundaries and speak our truth, and (5) integration of our heart/love with a vital sexuality.


Day 5









Workshop: Awaken to your Life’s Purpose and Share it With a Partner

Why can we be integrally informed and do all the learning, healing, growing, and awakening work, and still often can’t find a compatible partner or sustain a healthy love relationship?

On this final day we will get the answer by exploring that we humans have a Biological Purpose (to survive, procreate, form groups, and seek a quality of life), a Transformational Purpose (to learn, heal, grow, and awaken), and a Transcendental Purpose (to create more Goodness, Truth, Beauty, and Functionality) that unfold in unique ways based on our genetic predisposition and phenotypes. We will explore four different discovery methods of our purpose, different levels of depth, impact, and stages of expression, and the resulting forms of our capacity to love which will lead us to identify and co-create along the seven chakras with our uniquely compatible soulmate to make the world a better place.

Detailed description.



Dinner at Trattoria Carbonara, Martin's favorite Italian Restaurant in Istanbul (included in workshop price) or (weather permitting) Mimar Sinan Rooftop Restaurant near Süleymaniye Mosque overlooking Istanbul.



Workshop costs:

If you prefer to pay in Euro, click here.

See useful information from previous workshops here.

Questions & Answers

What do I need to know before coming to Turkey?

Americans and other non-European nationals need to get a visa online at www.evisa.gov.tr for USD 78.50 to USD 61.50 (suggested) or after arriving at the airport at a kiosk (more expensive and time-consuming). European nationals don't need a visa (check https://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa)

Is it safe to gather because of Covid?

Turkey reports zero infections and deaths over the past few months https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/region/turkey.
We request that all participants test themsleves with COVID test kids that we will provide before the workshop so that we can all feel safe.
Read useful information about Covid in Turkey at COVID-19 Information | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Turkey.

Travel arrangements and safety?

Istanbul is a tourist town and generally very safe, in case you decide to stay here a few extra days for sight-seeing.
There are many affordable direct flights to the Istanbul (IST) and Sabiha Gokcen Airports International (SAW) Airports.
We will arrange transportation from the Airport to Integral Center or the Molton Hotel on May 16. and back to the Airport after your visit.


What will the weather be like in Istanbul?

Average Weather During May In Istanbul

You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day in May. The average maximum daytime temperature in Istanbul in May lies at 20.0°C (68°F). The average minimum temperature goes down to around 12.0°C (53.6°F) (often the minimum temperature is noted at night).

Rainfall during May is moderate with an average of 30mm (1.2 inches). This makes it the driest month of the year. There are generally around 8 rainy days. If you enjoy blue skies and sunshine, then this is a great time to go to Istanbul with 247 hours of sun during the entire month.

So what to wear in May? For visitors traveling to Istanbul we recommend wearing layers. So maybe a skirt, t-shirt, shorts for during the day and jeans and a warm jacket for some days and evenings. At night it tends to cool off so best to pack some warm nightwear as well. With a water temperature of around 16.0°C (60.8°F), there is no need to bring your swimwear.

Will the workshop be gender balanced?

Yes, we will attempt to have the same amount of men and women in the workshop by having a wait list once we have 10 registrations for each gender. So register now to avoid being put on the wait list or sign up with a partner/friend of the opposite sex to secure your space.

Is there WiFi at Integral Center

Yes, there is fast Wi-Fi throughout Integral Center. 

Who helps me with hotel staff or in case of an emergency?

We will have local Turkish staff members who speak English very well, and a car to help you with any emergency that you may have during the workshop. 

Sight-Seeing and Hotels

We are offering a free 2-day sightseeing tour around Istanbul with Martin on Monday and Tuesday after the workshop
Monday: Meet at Integral Center or Şişhane Metro Station, Galata Tower. Karaköy. Tünel Metro. Istiklal. Turkish Lunch at Hacı Abdullah Lokantası. Taksim. Bosporus Boat Ride. Ferry to Kadiköy. Dinner at Ciya Kebap. Metro bus back over Bosporus bridge to Trump Tower.
Tuesday: Meet at Integral Center or Vezneciler Metro Station. Grand Bazar, Blue Mosque and/or Hagia Sophia (long line), Lunch at Loti Roof Lounge, and/or Basilica Cistern, and/or Historic Topkapi Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque. Dinner at Firuzende Galata Roof-Top or other Restaurant.

If you want to go to a Hamam, we recommend the historic Suleymaniye Hamam located near the Suleymaniye Mosque, as it is one of the few (or only) that allows couples to have the experience together (no singles, so you need a partner of the oposite sex.) Make a reservation.

You can arrange your own AirBnB or Hotel for your extended stay. If you want to stay near Integral Center we suggest three Hotels for you to book: Molton Monapart Mecidiyekoy Hotel (3 walking minutes approx. $65 per night), Milord Hotel (8 walking minutes approx. $135 per night), or DoubleTree by Hilton (10 walking minutes approx. $170 per night.)

I want to continue my holiday in Turkey, where should I go and what should I visit?

If you want to stay in a resort area with a beach, turquoise sea and take occasional tours to the ancient places, you can consider the Mediterranean part of Turkey. The most popular destinations are Kuşadası, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye (a destination with wonderful nature), Antalya, and Alanya. Around these areas, you can visit historical places such as Ephesus, Aspendos, Pamukkale, and much more. Inland you may consider Kapadokya, Göbeklitepe and Konya.

You can also travel to the Black sea region to enjoy nature, forests, and the hospitality of local people. You might be interested in visiting Trabzon, Sumela Monastery (Monastery of the Virgin Mary), Karaca Cave, and many other attractions.

If I come with the kids, is it possible to arrange a babysitter?

If you want to travel with kids, please, contact us: [email protected] for more details no later than one and a half month prior.

Can I arrive a day (or more) early?

Yes of course. If you arrive before Tuesday you may take a Taxi for about $30 from IST or $50 from SAW Airport. There are also convenient Havaist Buses from Istanbul (IST) https://www.hava.ist/ and Sabiha (SAW) https://www.havabus.com/yolcuservisi/taksim-sabihagokcenhavalimani.aspx Airport into Istanbul that leave about every 50 Minutes for 74 TL ($4). Exit at the first (4. Levent https://goo.gl/maps/KBC2tETW5rRW5a8p7) stop from IST or SAW (or Taksim) and take a taxi (50 TL $3) to Integral Center or Molton hotel (you may also tell the driver to take you to Trump Towers and walk from there.)
If you take a Taxi, insist to pay by the meter in the mirror for the Taxi. Don't accept a flat price. You can also use the metro lines from IST. From İstanbul airport (via E) you can take metro line M11 and get off at Kağıthane. After that change from metro line M11 to metro line M7 in Kağıthane to Sisli Mecidiyeköy station, which is 3 Minutes from Integral Center. Let us know if you arrive at SAW and want to take the Metro... it is a bit complicated, but possible). Let us know if you need more detailed information how to get here. 
You can arrange your own AirBnB or Hotel. If you want to stay near the Integral Center we suggest three Hotels for you to book: Molton Monapart Mecidiyekoy Hotel (3 walking minutes approx. $65 per night ... we can also book for you at a better rate), Milord Hotel (8 walking minutes approx. $135 per night), or DoubleTree by Hilton (10 walking minutes approx. $170 per night.)