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Martin offers a puzzle that allows us to learn how to confidently navigate through our love relationships.

I was lucky enough to be part of the Integral Relationship Training offered by Martin this year and I must say that it exceeded all my expectations. I was not only able to learn a lot about the integral theory (and practice) in love relationships, but also had the opportunity to weekly explore a lot of questions about my relationships and deepen my understanding of the patterns that I inherited and reproduced. It was like an in-depth travel inside my relationship and love life that transformed me.

I gained a lot of insights, and the one I found most important was that our understanding of relationships is a subject that deserves to be learned and cared about, and how significant it is to be mindful of the choice of our partner(s) that we share the most intimate parts of ourselves because a healthy relationship enables us to grow and expand in our truest love nature.

Martin offers a puzzle that allows us to learn how to confidently navigate through our love relationships, and how to offer what we learn to other singles and couples amongst our friends and family, and additionally give professional help to singles and couples who want to strengthen their relationships. Martin knows how to create a very safe and benevolent space that allows us a very deep and non-judgmental work environment during the many exercises that we do, be it in smaller or in bigger groups.

I am deeply grateful for this experience that changed my way of looking at my relationships, and also helped me identify what I find important in my relationships, that I was unaware of, even though I am already 56 years old! Nobody should have to wait so long for that, but it's never too late :-). I encourage you to take this first step because you won't regret the journey.


Nathalie Antoine

The Integral Relationship message provides just that: Understanding

The Integral Relationship Facilitator Training is akin to taking the seedling of Martin Ucik's creation, giving it water and nutrients, and watching it take off. His books, philosophy, research, and dedication to the message of understanding relationships (romantic ones and beyond) is getting a huge boost by his nurturing a worldwide assemblage of those wanting to pass on the learning and grow the Integral Relationship message. The training is complete with graphics, exercises, worksheets, and step-by-step modules that allow a facilitator to take a class through volumes of information in an organized, digestible manner. I have been familiar with Martin's books and research for ten years, and now, with becoming a facilitator, I am thrilled to have the tools and mentoring to actively participate in watering that flower and helping others understand why their relationships falter and what they can to do about it. Marie Curie said, "Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." The Integral Relationship message provides just that: Understanding.


Mary Gordon

Be prepared for many new insights in this training!

The Integral Relationship Facilitator training is both inspiring and valuable.

I already gained so many insights in the first 10 weeks and a far better understanding, why relationships are failing and what couples can do to prevent this, and instead grow into a deeper love and relationship. Martin Ucik is a very emphatic and experienced teacher and provides sound and reliable guidance along this journey. It is a well balanced mix with theoretical content, practical exercises in groups or with partners, and enough space for self-awareness and deep insights.
I can highly recommend this training.

Daniel Bäde

Participating in the Integral Relationship Group Facilitator training has greatly expanded my way of thinking about relationships.

I have read, watched and listened to a great deal of material on intimate relationships over many years, but have not previously come across an approach as comprehensive as that of Martin Ucik’s Integral Relationship model. Participating in the Integral Relationship Group Facilitator training has greatly expanded my way of thinking about relationships. Martin’s subject knowledge is encyclopedic and he has succeeded in putting together a program that is grounded in an in-depth understanding of the different dimensions through which humans experience themselves, the world and each other, and translating this knowledge into practical exercises that form the heart of each training module and ensure real-world insights into why we relate to our intimate partners as we do.

Over the past few decades much has changed in regard to how people view love, sex and intimacy. The expectation to experience fulfilment in all of these areas has perhaps never been greater, yet if there is one area of human experience about which people learn the least in their developmental years, this is it! For anyone wanting to play a part in helping to remedy this deep societal lack, the Integral Relationship Group Facilitator training is a great place to start.

One of the things I appreciate so much about Martin is his amazing honesty and vulnerability. So many teachers (the vast majority, in fact) try to present themselves as having achieved some state of perfection in regard to what they're teaching - as if showing any human vulnerability disqualifies them from teaching or invalidates their message - when, in fact, it's teachers like Martin, who can speak from so much personal experience of a journey of growth, that makes their message accessible and achievable to the rest of us. His depth of knowledge about his subjects is amazing, and he has lived the journey and shares it with us in a very real way. He does not speak to us from the elevated, unattainable height of the perfect guru.

Dr. Charles Dettman (PhD)

So grateful for this brilliant opportunity.

I really appreciate Martin's sense of humour and the opportunity to engage with such a breadth of material, as well as a truly international group of facilitator trainees. It's also been enormously helpful to have had the flexibility of options for the times and dates of the trainings. I have gained insights into my own relationship patterns and learned more about deeper listening and communication skills. I am fascinated by the biological and cultural differences between the sexes and how we can better communicate and relate with each other. I'm looking forward to sharing the material with my own groups, locally and deepening my understanding as I go. I have already shared some insights I've had with my colleagues and believe what I've learned will be helpful in the retreats that I co-lead in the future. There are specific people who I believe would love to study this material and get a lot from it, as well as a few with whom I'd love to co-lead live classes, once they've also finished the training course. Even though we haven't finished the whole course yet, I can say that I love it and feel it's benefitted me hugely already - so grateful for this brilliant opportunity.


Barbara J. Hunt

We are almost half-way through the training and I feel marveled.

Martin Ucik is someone I hold dear as a committed gatherer and inquirer of Integral Relationships. I follow his work and writings, in print and online, for many years.
Somewhere in March i received an e-mail from Martin proposing to gather a group for an Integral Relationships Group Facilitators. Immediately I said a BIG YES.
We are almost half-way through the designed program and I feel marveled.
The approach and tone Martin brings, the curation, the hosting, the facilitation, the self-implication with his life examples, and the care for each one of us and our perspectives, is simply fantastic.
I am delighted with this journey with like-minded and like-spirited people, supported by Martin´s experience and mastery of these themes.
So far, I especially value Martin´s leadership and passion of purpose, the group Martin gathered and the insights I had, some of them related to some blind spots in my relationships.
I also regained a grounded hope that many more people are wanting to take good care of relationships with the foundation of Martin´s work, with this course resources, and the people who are united in this common purpose.
Thank you Martin for your amazing legacy.

José Soutelinho

Martin and the course with him inspired me to open up even more towards my wife and family.

The most inspiring part for me is how much Martin is real. Yes, he is knowledgable, yes, he is capable to lecture about his topics in a professional and entertaining way... but beyond that I had the impression that - to put it simply: he walks the talk. 

Based on his sharings it is clear that he explored during his life, in funny and painful ways, how the various forms of relationships work, he is not afraid to practice vulnerability and transparency in our interactions so wether it is happening in a more serious or jocking way there was continously this depth in his communication, which I appreciated a lot. 

Martin and the course with him inspired me to open up even more towards my wife and family and also to aim for establishing this loving connectedness with the groups I work with."


Dan Joy
Lomi Lomi Teacher, Complementary Therapist
Trainer, Life Coach, Mediator
Therapist Coordinator
The Psychedelic Society

It's a very exciting journey to be in the facilitator training and to learn from Martin.

There are many courses and pieces of training out there about relationships, but very few get to the root cause the way Martin teaches from his excellency of understanding the different levels of consciousness and how it impacts relationships. From an Integral Relationships perspective, which is Martin's area of expertise, you clearly get the full picture.

It's a very exciting journey to be in the facilitator training and to learn from Martin. What I most of all appreciate is his way of teaching the content of each module. The theory is combined with the practical implementation in group and partnered conversations that deepen our self-awareness. It's clear that this material is the gateway to understand why some relationships fail and others succeed ...

Even though the course is virtual, it is lovely to connect with the other participants and I learn so much through our partnered conversations. I recommend this course to anybody interested in deepening their understanding of relationships, being willing to start understanding oneself.

Thank you so much Martin for the gift, bringing your theory and practice of Integral Relationships to the world. It's a delight and honor to be one of the ripples in the world that will bring this important content forward.


Maria Appelqvist, Ph.D., CPCC, DK
Relationship Expert & Slow Sex Coach

 I have learned so much more about myself and other humans

Firstly may I say a huge thank to Martin not only for the expanse of knowledge to go on forward and spread the word and help heal the world with but also for my own evolution. From knowing zilcho to so so much more, I have learned so much more about myself and other humans. Your course came at the right time and belief it was aligned, a part of my mission as at the time I was automatically alchamating my shadow and transmuting parts of me.  I have to be honest coming from an emotional brain it has been difficult for me in such a crowd of thinking brains ( hence why I didn't share as much as I would have liked ) from day dot I have been a social alien fitting in, being the life and soul of the party but no one really understands me. As an adult I cherish my uniqueness  ( being a 4 ) but still need to work on my  "be perfect "  driver, this has stopped being on many occasions from my first kiss when I ended up rolling on the floor with the boy nipped his balls and ran off, just because I didn't know how to kiss but needed to know how to do it first? throughout my life this has kept happening, I didn't learn how to surf because I didn't know how to do so I didn't? no...sense nonsense!  but through watching you hold a class your fluidity has taken me away and given me hope. Your style I have never seen in anyone else and that's how I know I can work, no ego ( or little to no ) I love how open and naked you have been and I know that's how I can be too because of my openness and honesty. I think your added life tales have been so important to the lessons not just in helping us understand the questions more but also it made me feel more relaxed and open to share because of your openness. I will take this with me in my future projects. I can't thank you enough, you have stretched me and my mind and luckily i had my good friend Nick to help me decipher some of the more heady and wordy questions. I thank you with all my heart.

 Kay Renton

There is magic here!!

I really liked the way Martin conducted the process with a calm skill, gentle articulation and yet also set boundaries that still allowed a great flow. There is magic here!!
I resonated with what he does and how he delivers it (which for me has been problematic in the past, as I have never really trusted the host as "The real deal" ). So for me I felt very connected to Martin as a person and his work.
I also feel that we humans really need a safe pace to allow us to show vulnerability without judgement.
So on behalf of Man & Womankind a big thank you, Martin!



I left with the hope that a healthy, loving relationship might be possible for me.

Martin's training provides an outstanding level of education and knowledge in relationships. It is a very comprehensive course, and the delivery is engaging and fun. I started the course to just acquire knowledge and information and by the end, I left with the hope that perhaps a healthy, loving relationship might be possible for me in the future. What a gift!

Terry Collins

With just one or two standout sessions we have seen our relationship in a new light

"Working with you has been a profound journey of healing, learning, and growing with my partner Helen. We have come through the hardest times in our lives, stimulated by many external strains, but triggered also by childhood wounds, but really hurting each other at times too. Somehow, in the last six months, it is better and feels more solid than it could ever have done otherwise. The personal exploration we did in breakouts, using your material, undefended questioning of each other, taking apart the complex to see it in its parts, has been wonderful.

There is so much value in each unit, but with just one or two standout sessions we have seen our relationship in a new light. Discovering our love languages, and our shared transcendental purpose, has been my strongest takeaway; future bound in the most positive sense. Your final image of the couple stepping forth side by side is Helen and me; each of us simply going forward side by side, is such a simple image, yet totally meaningful."


Mark and Helen

I would highly recommend anyone to take this training

It has been a real pleasure to share in the training for the Integral Relationship group facilitators. There is such a kind, loving open space being created by Martin and the team. It feels so useful for me to go through all the material in such detail and depth and to be able to explore aspects of my history and relationship experiences. The exercises have really highlighted some limitations and gaps in my relationship experience and have helped me acknowledge the places where I have developed, matured and healed since the first workshops I did with Martin in 2014. I'm really looking forward to continuing with this as I can feel that it is not only helping create a healthier space for me to further explore my relationship and the life purpose that my partner and i can create together, but also in working through the challenges we face in this difficult corona time with greater ease and compassion for one another. I really enjoy how every step of the path also gives me insights and tools to share with my clients in their challenges too and can't wait to be able to hold these sessions for physical groups in the UK shortly.
I would highly recommend anyone to take this training as a way to really explore how you can improve your relationships through honest appraisal of where you can improve your skill of relating, rather than just believing it's something that should just happen or come naturally.
Thank you so much Martin for the gift you bring to the world.


Ben Calder
Integral Health

Martin is a kind, warm, and incredibly skilled instructor.

The Integral Relationship Group Facilitator training has been a wonderful experience that has been full of growth! Martin is a kind, warm, and incredibly skilled instructor. I have met many amazing people in this course. I am learning how to improve my communication skills with everyone in my life. There have been shifts for me in the way I date and currently I am in an amazing relationship that feels very pure, loving, and deeply soulful. I am noticing that our relationship is having a positive impact on others too. Thank you soo much to Martin and his crew for this wonderful journey! I'm looking forward to what else unfolds throughout the course of this training.

Lissa Lofaso

A big thank you to Martin for his open heart, his love and his commitment which he dedicates to this work and to us. 

The “Integral Relationship Facilitator” Training Program is an exploration of the facets and dimensions of relationships. It forces us to pause, and invites to wonder. It is also a confrontation with the unconscious, and brings insights and movement.

The training is catalysing growth, clarity and peace with one another.

Our relationship has not become easier, but it has become richer, deeper, more empathic and more open.

Every time we are happy to find something new and unknown, in ourselves and in the space of the relationship, in order to re-create the dance of female and male energies in the universe.

Our relationships with fellow human beings and work colleagues have become more and more saturated with compassion and appreciation, so that more calmness could permeate.

The training contributed to exploring resonances and dissonances, to meet them with alignment and surrendering, without loosing our own path.

We are pleased that through this training, we can contribute our part to healthier, deeper, more peaceful and evolutionary relationships.

A big thank you to Martin for his open heart, his love and his commitment which he dedicates to this work and to us. 

Gérard & Danielle

The Integral Relationship Facilitator Training provides a comprehensive overview and in-depth education for facilitators interested in helping people develop fulfilling and deep relationships. I highly recommend it!


Durwin Foster, M.A.
Certified Integral Therapist (CIT)

Even if you do not want a love relationship right now, you probably want to co-create one after this training!

I enjoy the mix of practice, the richness of perspectives,  and the wonderful frames for healthy (integral ) relationships…  And of course the wonderful group of people I meet each week, where I feel so much joy with and inner gratitude for.

I often feel touched as we all show up in this group and realize that I am more integral than I thought. I can show my authentic face, express needs, and it brings so much energy. I can do the practices everywhere and see that everything is in the relationship!

I am taking an integral bath… sooner or later with my loving life partner. Seeing the being in second tier relationships makes my life rich and alive. I am looking forward to co-creating an integral love relationship.

First I looked forward to the communications modules and now to the Anima Animus complexes, the attachment styles, and shadow work and to grow in the relationship from a transcendental perspective!

I also love answering the 4 quadrant questions for myself and asking my friends to deepen our relationships - and I am practicing with showing up with my own face in work while circling through the spiral of consciousness development. 

There is so much to learn and practice in these profound modules - It reveals the coherence that we need a lot these days! I found that my purpose (contributing to unity of life through visible and invisible communication)  is at the very integral heart of  this training. Learning to focus on the self and the other, and the complexity of love relationship is so fully addressed by Martin even online, and I feel so rich to be in this group! Even if you do not want a love relationship right now, you probably want to co-create one after this training!

Annelies Weijschedé

I have been waiting for this course for such a long time and finally it is available

I really enjoy the content of the course, the topics and the opportunity to try it with people all over the world. I really appreciate Martin’s teaching method and his sense of humor.
I have gained many insights and deepened my understanding of many topics thanks to Martin.
The training has given me a better understanding of relationships and i am continuously learning.
I look forward to the exciting new topics and varied exercises. I have been able yo explore the topics with family and friends which is interesting.
I would highly recommend Martin and the course to anybody. I have been waiting for this course for such a long time and finally it is available.

Nick Vaggers

If everyone in the world did this training with a serious commitment, then there would be no more problems in relationships…

For me, relationships are a sacred field, an opportunity for conscious growth.

I feel so grateful to have the amazing opportunity to be in this training and to have met Martin closely!

At first, I thought that I would never have enough words to thank him for his dedication, commitment, capacity, vulnerability, sense of humor, sensibility, and availability as a host, a trainer and as a wonderful human being.

He has the ability to unite people from all over the world, so different from each other and make us feel so close, even though it is an online training!

My intention to participate in this training was (always is!) to know me better, to experiment, to feel into me, and to better understand my relationships in order to go deeper in them, to be more aware of my actions, and those of others, and then, finally, to share that learning, that awareness, with other people.

At the beginning, the training was a little bit scary for me, staying in an online training with a lot of people that I never met before and my English is not so good… but Martin is a master of caring, and I felt quickly very welcome and integrated.

In each module, although I already knew most of the themes, Martin always brings something new, something that leaves me reflecting at least until the next module. The training provides incredible and continuous discoveries, insights, and aha moments.

In addition to all the material and theory that Martin brings, the practical exercises and the interactions with the other participants render the training even more dynamic, consistent, clear, and profound.

I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to have a new vision and perspective about themselves and relationships.

If you have doubts, don't hesitate, you will come out much richer!

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there” Rumi


Marzia Carré, PT

A practical, digestible course

The course is very deep, diving into multiple theories in relationships, communication, spirituality, and gender dynamics.

It is an incredible pleasure and honor to be trained by Martin, who gathered this vast amount of knowledge and transformed it into a practical, digestible course.

It is also amazing to work with a diverse group of people from around the world while going through the content. I am looking forward to implementing it in my own work and holding regular events in my area.


Anastasha Grace
Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Energy Therapist.

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