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Boulder, CO April 26th 2013 Integral Relationships Introduction


A Conversation with Johannes Asmund Hansen (1:08:20)

2:00 What led you to write Integral Relationships?
8:00 What does Integral mean in general?
17:00 Growing apart and should I stay or leave?
20:00 Beyond need-based relationships.
29:00 Anima/Animus complex and benefits of Integral Relationships?
34:00 Increasing number of singles.
40:00 High level of consciousness in Denmark.
44:00 The new book I am working on that goes beyond Integral Relationships.
49:00 How to use Integral knowledge in your relationships?
54:00 Welcoming relationship challenges.
How to identify your own and your partners level of consciousness development, and polarity in relationships?

A Conversation with ID Academy's Ronen Thalmay about Integral Relationships

The Conscious Change Agent Jack Butler Web Show, with guest Martin Ucik

One of the most comprehensive books I have come across on relationships is Martin Ucik’s Integral Relationships’: A Manual for Men. Rather than simple self-help points, this is a comprehensive approach with deeply-researched models and it’s the first book in the marketplace which takes a vertical developmental approach (consonant with integral theory or Spiral Dynamics):

In this interview we look at:
- the state of the nation of intimate relationships (increased divorce rate from 2nd and then again for 3rd marriages)
- why men benefit more from being in a relationship and women often do worse in relationship than when single
- what relationship typically looks like at different levels of consciousness
- passion, intimacy and dependence (which I think talks well to the 3 instincts of the Enneagram)
and what happens if one of these crucial 3 is lacking
- other tips and practices for relationships in a post-modern and post post-modern world.

WhatNext Conference in Denver, CO, Dec 28th 2012 - Jan 1st 2013
"The Future of Relationships" with Dr. Keith Witt und Martin Ucik
Part 1
of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3
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The Video below features a conversation between the late Jackie Bergman ( and Martin Ucik right after the New York Workshop in June.
In the first 6 Minutes they talk about a four quadrants and developmental approach to relationships.
In the second part they discuss the impact of the sexual selection process on socioeconomic and environmental issues.


[wp-stream-player url="/wp-content/themes/integral/files/Jack_LaValley_Martin_Ucik.mp3" type="mp3" autoplay="no" ] Click play above or right click here to download a conversation between Jack LaValley and Martin Ucik

  • Click here for an interesting conversation about arranged marriages
  • Listen to a 1 hour Interview in German with Martin at here
  • Listen to a 14 Minute Interview in German with Martin about Integral Relationships here
  • Download the conversation about 21st Century Relationships with Lion Goodman, David Richo, Robert Augustus Masters and Martin Ucik here. Click here for all other recordings
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