Detailed description:

  • Learn and practice how to introduce the Integral Relationship model in an entertaining evening presentation of the entire model, mini workshop, or brief introduction with Q&A session.
  • Successfully market and facilitate weekend workshops.
  • Become confident to lead participants through all the experiential exercises in a weekend workshop including:
    - Welcome, guidelines and logistics.
    - Guided meditations.
    - Heart/soul opening circle.
    - Introduction in all the four quadrants.
    - Exploration of stages of consciousness development.
    - Feeling into feminine/masculine polarities.
    - Discussing sex and gender differences.
    - Experiencing five stages of spiritual state/stages.
    - Identifying five stages of sexual and anima/animus complex development.
    - Awakening to, identifying and sharing a transcendental purpose with a partner.
    - Uncovering false identities through a six stage process and healing them through affirmations.
    - Discovering various personality types.
    - Sharing and coaching throughout the workshop.
    - Closing circle.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies to attract participants to your workshops.

Completing this additional five-day training will allow you to successfully market, host and facilitate Integral Relationship introductions and workshops with confidence, to offer continuing practicing groups, and to enrich and transform the relationship life of singles and couples in your community. Your events will be promoted through the Integral Relationship website, newsletters and social media channels, and you become part of the world-wide Integral Relationship Workshop Facilitator network.