Integral Relationships Practice


This manual is for singles and couples who are not only interested in the theory of Integral Relationships as outlined in my previous two books, Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men and Sex Purpose Love: Couples in Integral Relationships Creating a Better World, but also in the deep understanding that can only be gained through embodied practices and experiences. It is for those who realize that for us to become fully human means to develop the capacity to be simultaneously whole in themselves (ourselves) AND part of healthy, sustainable love relationships and nuclear families, who then form the foundation for thriving communities and flourishing societies. And it is for those who understand that cultural and biological evolution are intertwined—that we need to raise conscious children if we want to raise consciousness on the planet to create a better world and a peaceful, sustainable future for humanity.

This manual is also intended for helping professionals who want to support their clients in co-creating healthy love relationships, and for group facilitators who feel called to lead events, workshops, and trainings in which the participants sharpen their relationships skills together with others in their local communities through experiential exercises. My wish for all readers is that they co-create Integral Relationships and inspire and teach others so that the Integral Relationship vision can ripple out into the world and make it a better place.