New moon at 14 degrees 37 minutes VIRGO at 3:51 a.m. Istanbul local time



About the Ceremony

Let's gather together to celebrate the New Moon in Virgo. We will light some candles, pull a few group tarot cards and use offerings and prayer to call in the energies of new growth, health and the wisdom of Athena and service of Virgo Star maiden Astraea to help us actualize our empowerment. Also, this New Moon and the Sun are in the deeper mystery OMEGA constellation of Crater whose totem is the swans, whose principle is love and whose offering is the persimmon. With this constellation we are seeking/embodying/celebrating the mythology of the Holy Grail Chalice, the Lover and Beloved, mystical poetry, communion, and Rumi and Hafiz as examples. Its element is Ether.

Optional: bring a wish, poem or prayer written on paper and we will burn and send up to the cosmos. You can also bring a rock or flower or something that represents the earth to you. Finally, bring a question at the beginning of the training session (Sept 3 or 4th) and I can answer with tarot on this day.

About Angelina (Astraea)

With prominent Athena and Astraea Asteroids in my chart I am a humanitarian and look to helping those who are marginalized in society. I offer the lens of the underdog and the lens of the one who has been oppressed. This has been especially clear in my being called to support justice for Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world in very down-to-earth ways.

I have been studying Ceremony and Mystic Astrology with Christina Solaris and other teachers for over 5 years since awakening and have extensive knowledge of Western Astrology, Shamanic Astrology (masculine/feminine archetypes), the Omega Codex Mystical Astrology signs and Astrocartography. I have a deep interest in Asteroids and how they influence our psychology and other traditional planets' activity in our Natal Charts. I have recently been invited to exclusive Teacher Training for the Omega Codex which will allow me to expand my practice to serve others using this unique medicine.

Finally, I had a Traumatic Brain Injury in early 2019 that changed my life and the lens I use to see the world. Though I now have many "brain" and mind/body limits I am intrigued by the world of spirit and the simple things.