You may have recently seen alarming reports, for example in the New York Times, about the impending decline of the world population because of increasing years of education of women and wider access to contraception as shown below.

Image above: CCF-50 (Completed Cohort Fertility at age 50), education in years, and contraceptive met need as reported in The Lancet.


Image above from The Lancet: Population growth development, with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) predicting a world-population of 6 Billion in 2100 and continuing decline.


While this is great news for women and the environment, researchers are increasingly concerned about over-aging populations with less than one working adult for every retired person, and unprecedented negative social, economic, geopolitical, and personal consequences that are hard to fathom.

From an integral perspective, there is an additional concern that not enough children are born to parents at higher levels of consciousness development, leading to the re-emergence of non-democratic societies with a mythic center of gravity and autocratic “strongmen” leaders who are hostile towards their opponents, as we increasingly see around the world.

Image above: Dropping fertility rates at higher levels of consciousness development. See supporting statistics here.


All of this has the potential of creating increasing suffering for humans.

Another reason why birthrates at higher levels of consciousness development are declining towards zero is that the mythic patriarchal relationship paradigms with wives in the domestic sphere and husbands in the public sphere no longer work for modern and postmodern singles and couples, and that they don’t have a new paradigm to address the increasing demands and complexity of love relationships in the 21st century and make their relationships work.A hopeful solution to this problem is an integral approach.

Integral means to bring essential or necessary parts into a functional whole.

Just like a doctor, a car mechanic, a gardener, a chef, or any other professional needs to understand how to bring essential parts or ingredients into a functional whole, the same is true for love relationships.

Yet, many singles and couples are unaware.

The Integral Relationship model provides this understanding and practice. It consists of 14 essential parts or modules.

Image above: The 14 essential parts for an Integral Relationship.


It allows you to:

  1. Co-create in all four dimensions of your being as the foundation for a healthy relationship.
  2. Identify levels of consciousness development and how to learn, heal and grow together with an equal and opposite partner.
  3. Communicate with your partner at his or her level of consciousness so that you are both heard and understood and get your needs met.
  4. Understand biological and gender differences to avoid going down the infamous Fear-Shame spiral and to return to love.
  5. Balance and harmonize healthy feminine and masculine polarities to create synergy and sexual passion.
  6. Awaken together through the five state-stages of spiritual development.
  7. Co-create a healthy and rewarding sex-life by healing and growing towards sacred and tantric sexuality.
  8. Understand the Anima-Animus complex so that you can co-create a healthy love relationships at stage three or five.
  9. Become aware of personality types to understand the essential needs, preferences, and qualities of yourself and your partner.
  10. Move towards earned secure attachment through practice and creating a coherent narrative.
  11. Own your emotional reactions to heal five forms of the unconscious instead of blaming your partner.
  12. Create compassion and healthy boundaries when you feel attracted to or are in love with a complex partner who is highly seductive and challenging because of a personality disorder.
  13. Understand your biological, transformational, and transcendental purpose that makes the world a better place and how to identify a soulmate who shares your purpose.
  14. Co-create a deep love relationship with your soulmate through intimacy, passion, and commitment in all four dimensions of your being at the level of all seven chakras by balancing and harmonizing healthy feminine and masculine polarities.

                            Image above: Integral couple with a shared purpose that makes the world a better place.

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