Book to learn and practice how to develop, balance, and harmonize healthy feminine and masculine polarities for the co-creation of sexual attraction and synergy in a healthy, sustainable love relationship.

Define what feminine and masculine means to you.

See how the healthy expressions of both polarities can be equally embodied by males and females and are necessary for maintaining their wholeness and partialness in love relationships through descending, communion, ascending, and agency.

Engage in several embodied exercises, with music and movement, to feel into movement and stillness, leading and following, transcendence and immanence, and autonomy and connection.

Realize your healing and growth potentials around your feminine and masculine polarities for the co-creation of a healthy love relationship.

Do away with the postmodern notion that everything feminine is positive, good, or divine, and everything masculine is negative, bad, or toxic, by realizing that both polarities have healthy and unhealthy expressions.


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