Book to learn and practice how to develop, balance and harmonize healthy feminine and masculine polarities for the co-creation of sexual attraction and synergy in happy sustainable love relationships.
The Integral Relationship model equates ascending and agency with masculine, and descending and communion with feminine energies. Each has healthy and unhealthy expressions.
Embodying these four polarities in healthy ways allows both partners to be simultaneously whole in themselves and part of the relationship.


Healthy ascending is characterized by a desire to improve, to go beyond, to grow, to transcend, to create, and to think big. This is accomplished by gaining wider perspectives of the self and the nature of things. It requires a willingness to change by letting go of old paradigms and not sweating the small stuff.
Unhealthy ascending ignores, represses, controls, and dominates the lower, instead of embracing and caring for it. It denies feelings, the body, sexuality, and nature.
The fear of ascenders is to get dragged down, engulfed, absorbed, and lost.


Healthy descending means to be connected with and sensitive to the richness and fullness of the world, to be down-to-earth and in touch with one’s body, feelings, emotions, and sexuality.

Unhealthy descending means to be overwhelmed, fused with, and run by the many details of life and its manifestations, feelings, earthly desires, and needs.

The fear of descenders is to lose touch, to get lost, or to be dissociated from the fullness of life and its forces.


Healthy agency supports the autonomous functioning of the individual, group, organization or society. 

Unhealthy agency leads to alienation and dissociation from others.

The fear of agentic people is to lose the freedom to make independent choices, and to become dependent on others for their wellness.


Healthy communion is expressed through the peaceful, responsible (response-able), considerate, and caring connection between people.

Unhealthy communion leads to fusion, dependency, neediness, and clinging—with the loss of one’s own will, individuality, and autonomy—which eventually leads to resentment.

After the introduction to the four polarities and establishing that males and females can equally embody them, we will engage in several exercises with music and movement to experience their healthy and unhealthy expressions. This will enable you to realize your healing and growth potentials for the co-creation of healthy love relationships.


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