There are three levels of soulmates. Each higher level transcends and includes the previous one. Your first step is to become clear what level of soulmate you want to find/attract. A “Biological Soulmate” that you feel physically attracted to, experience “chemistry” on an intellectual mind, and emotional heart level, and who shares your lifestyle, values and dreams for the future? Or also a “Challenge Soulmate” who is at your level of development and mirrors and inspires you to realize your soul’s full potential in the safe container of your love relationship so that you can become the best version of yourself through ongoing learning, healing, growing and awakening in all four dimensions of your being? Or also a “Purpose Soulmate” who you share your transcendental purpose with and co-create at the level of all seven chakras to make the world a better place. You can make a list of your needs and desires in a partner and write down how your soul will feel when he or she comes into your life. This list then becomes your soulmate profile. Next you want to write down the conditions you need to develop to become attractive to your soulmate and to welcome him or her into your life. This is followed by considering and removing all negative voices and obstacles such as fear, shame and judgments in your head (Ego) that prevent you from finding your soulmate. And finally, you want to develop a dating strategy including questions to ask to identify him or her.