We will explore why meditation, mindfulness, yoga or other practices that strengthen the witness--the self, subject, or consciousness that is aware of the thinking mind--is the prerequisite for living in the now, and what the differences between these practices are. You will learn how, where and when to practice most effectively and why six weeks of daily practice will show the first results. We will then explore together how to return to present moment awareness as often as possible instead of beating ourselves up about forgetting. Whenever we remember, we strengthen the witness like building a muscle. Some people even set a timer to be reminded every 20 Minutes. We will also look at becoming present when we feel bored or overwhelmed or have a strong emotional reaction. Taking a few deep conscious belly breaths and relaxing our body is a proven practice to return to the now. Finally, we will see how journaling on a frequent basis, especially when we feel stressed or overwhelmed by a busy mind, is a great technique to return to the now.


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