Martin Ucik is a German born entrepreneur who trained with Eckhart Tolle as a Power Of Now group facilitator and founded, an Association for Healthy Relationships. His studies of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model allowed him to integrate his personal experiences as a divorced father and the wisdom from over 200 relationship books into Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men which Ken Wilber calls “a terrific book!” and his new book Sex Purpose Love. He lives in California.

Long(er) Bio:

Martin Ucik (1957 – ) was born in West-Germany and grew up in a happy family. After studying electrical engineering and business, and playing keyboards in Germany and the US as a professional musician, he founded a successful international music-soft and hardware publishing company in 1982. He came to the US in 1995 with his wife and three daughters to serve as President of HOHNER MIDIA. Eckhart Tolle trained him as a spiritual group facilitator in 2003. Heartfelt conversations in his Power of Now group and the end of his 14 year marriage led him to a deeper interest in male-female relationship dynamics. To better understand why there are so many singles and unhappy couples in the US, and why finding a new partner was so difficult for him, he founded, an Association for Healthy Relationships.

In 2006 he became an avid student of Ken Wilber’s Integral philosophy, which became the foundation to answering his burning question how to co-create a healthy, sustainable love relationship.

Martin Ucik

Martin Ucik


With Alex Grey after Martin’s presentation at Integral New York

Martin at his first of several meetings with Ken Wilber on 2/9/2012

Martin at his first visit with Ken Wilber 2/9/2012

Martin discussing his new book Sex Purpose Love with Ken Wilber in 2016

Not finding any books that took an integral approach to dating and the co-creation healthy love relationships, he began to write Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men. The book was published in July 2010 and is now translated into several languages and read in over 30 countries. Martin facilitates Integral Relationship Events worldwide, including introductions and experiential weekend workshops. In Ocotober 2018 he released his second book Sex Purpose Love: Couples in Integral Relationship Creating a Better World.

Besides promoting Integral Relationships and writing, his interests include spending time with his grown children who now live in The Bronx, Grass Valley and Chicago, reading, hiking, jogging, cooking vegetarian meals, philosophical groups, and meditating.

He currently stays in Sherman Oaks while his home in Santa Rosa (north of San Francisco) is being rebuilt after it was destroyed on Oct. 9. 2017 during the Tubbs Fire. In his “day job” Martin serves as President and CEO of Sommer cable America and as strategic business consultant for the Hollywood, CA based Pro Audio distribution firm

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