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Dr. Tom Habib

Speculations about the Highest Stage of Love for Intimate Couples. Stage 5: The Spiritual Stage

The Spiritual Stage of Love is the highest stage of development for an intimate couple. It is the 5th and final known stage in the Couples Line of Development developed by Dr. Tom Habib. He is finding that when couples hear a description of some of the capacities of the Spiritual Stage in his clinical practice it acts like a catalyst speeding up their growth from the lower stages they inhabit.  Don’t miss this webjam discussion on June 23rd when two of the leading integral thinkers in couple development describe the 3rd Tier stage of Spiritual Love.

Future Webjams:

6/30 David Fonsbro – 7/7 Jim Cruzen and Leanna Gregory – 7/14 Lion Goodman and Carista Luminare – 7/21 Greg Boudle – 7/28 Dr. Bill Epperly – 8/4 Johnny Blackburn – 9/8 Brandon Peele. Stayed tuned for more. Contact me if you want to be a guest on a future webjam.

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Watch replays of our previous Web Jam’s at

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