Titles: Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men. Sex Purpose Love: Couples in Integral Relationships Creating a Better World, Integral Relationship Practice
Author: Martin Ucik

Need for these books:

With two-thirds of divorces filed by women who would rather stay single than to enter relationships under the previous conditions, men desiring to have healthy, co-created love relationships need an Integral approach to improve their relationship skills, which is precisely what this book provides. Integral Relationships provides a comprehensive perspective on love that allows men to meet women at their level of consciousness, make responsible relationship choices, and reduce their own suffering, as well as the suffering of others.

Explain why your intended audience will be looking for your book on your topic:

Readers already familiar with the Integral model will also be interested in its practical application to their relationships. Readers new to the Integral model, who are still struggling in their relationships (despite the fact that they have read several books which did not solve their problems), are offered an integrated approach to love relationships.

Product/Topic Description:

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Integral Relationships and Sex Purpose Love apply Ken Wilber ’s Integral model of human growth and potentials to love relationships.  By considering all the recurring patterns of human wisdom and knowledge from the East and West, the reader gains a better understanding of his own level of consciousness, as well as that of his partner, which allows him to co-create a healthy sustainable love relationship with her.

Explain why your topic/product is important in the market:

Men suffer more than women do from the ending of relationships and becoming single again.   On the other hand, many women complain that there are “no good, single men out there” who can meet them on a material, physical, intellectual, emotional, sexual and spiritual level. This book has the potential to reverse the social trend of an increasing number of single men and women in our society, by providing a radically new “Integral” perspective on love relationships, along with a clear vision for the future of love.

Book Description:

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It provides an integrated understanding of the complexity of human growth and potentials and, further, how to apply the Integral model to the territory of male-female love relationships.

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Gender differences and how they shape our relationships.
Differences in human growth and development.
Compatibility between men and women with different personalities (level of consciousness).
How to practically apply the Integral model to dating and the sustainability of healthy love relationships.

Explain how your book is designed and why it will sell many copies.

Part I: Outlines the Integral model for individuals.
Part II: Describes how individuals form relationships through different levels of Intimacy, Passion and  Commitment.
Part III: Provides questions and interpretations that allow the reader to determine a woman’s level of consciousness, her spiritual, sexual and animus development, how to meet her with curiosity, kindness and integrity, and ascertain her ability to stay and grow inside a partnership.
Part IV reviews 30 relationship books from an Integral perspective.

It hits the market at a time when more and more people find an interest in the Integral model and are in deep relationship crisis.

Audience Profile: Describe your primary and secondary audience and projected size of audience.
(Primary) Post and Post-Postmodern men and curious women (about 10% of western adult population) who are interested in the practical application of the Integral model to their love relationships.

(Secondary) Men struggling in their love relationships/singlehood who are ready to make a paradigm shift in their relating with women.

About 5% of the population may have an acute interest in solving relationship problems.
US total adults = 200 Million, divided by 10, divided by 20 = 1 Million ... When a publisher reaches 1-10% of this market, they will sell between 10,000 and 100,000 books.

Table of Contents:
Include an outline of your book including these elements: introduction, chapter headings, subheads and appendices.
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List 3 competing books published or announced on your subject including title, author, and publisher.
Schnarch, David. 1997. Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships. Owl Books.
Deida, David. 1997. The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire. Sounds True.
Popcak, Gregory K. 2000. The Exceptional Seven Percent: The Nine Secrets of the World’s Happiest Couples. Citadel Press.

Include brief explanation of why your book is better or unique.
Integral Relationships is the first and only book available that integrates the multiple perspectives from the books listed above, plus 200 additional relationship books that are all valid but partial or reductionistic. Integral Relationships puts this accumulated relationship wisdom into a developmental/Integral context with practical applications of how to make love relationships work.

Estimated Final Page Count and Schedule How many pages will the book have
Integral Relationships currently has 121,320 words on 280 pages.  It is small print, so it could grow to about 350 pages in regular print.

Marketing: List your marketing presence: speaking, writing, web presence, training, etc. and how you can help to promote your book.
Viral marketing through social networks (facebook etc.)
Submitting articles online and for print magazines.
Speaking at Integral and Relationship events (as former CEO and stage musician I have experience in addressing small and large groups).
Currently developing workshops and online content.

Author Biography:
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A German-born entrepreneur, I trained with Eckhart Tolle as a Power of Now group facilitator in 2003 and have since founded the Non-Profit Website “single2couples.org, Association for Healthy Relationships. ”  I’ve gone on to study Ken Wilber’s Integral Model, as well as over 200 other relationship works, which has empowered me to integrate my personal experience as a divorced father into this comprehensive manual for men.
My different cultural background, experience as a husband and father, dating hundreds of American women, my professional experience as the Founder and President of an international software publishing company, my spiritual training with Eckhart Tolle, and interest in human potentials and Integral theory uniquely qualify me to write this book.