Authentic Relating Game Night with Lana Koy and Martin Ucik

Lana Koy

Lana's passion has always been communication. From her early days of teaching English professionally, she realized the importance of helping people bridge the divide by finding a common language. After a full decade of teaching, the practice of Authentic Relating came into her life three years ago. Lana has been facilitating and co-facilitating events in her hometown of Los Angeles for the past two years. The juiciest part of these experiences, she says, is watching people connect heart to heart, relating profoundly to their inner truths and expanding as human beings.

She has recently founded The Interrelated, a community platform on a mission to create brave spaces for expansion of consciousnesses by fostering vulnerability and raising emotional intelligence in individuals, couples, and groups.

And this for the morning practice details page:

Lana is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga instructor and engages in a daily spiritual practice that helps strengthen her relationship with self and others.