Integral Relationship Practice

My highest recommendation

“This is a brilliant book about Integral relationships, particularly in their practice form. I know of no book that does this in a better or more thorough form. It definitely has my highest recommendation!”

Ken Wilber

The Religion of Tomorrow

The Art of Loving
“Not since Eric Fromm’s classic, The Art of Loving, have we seen such a rich exposition on intimate relationships, and how to create and maintain them.”

Allan Combs, PhD

Author of Consciousness Explained Better, The Radiance of Being, and other titles

Wisdom clearly laid out

“In his third book on Integral Relationships, Martin Ucik presents a truly all-encompassing coverage of the topic through applied practice and step by step description and instructions. The book is broken down into 26 modules, each covering a different aspect of relationships from an integral perspective and from other related disciplines. This comprehensive reference combines decades of wisdom clearly laid out in a practical and applicable manner. I cannot recommend this book enough.”

Khaled ElSherbini, PhD

Transpersonal Psychologist and Consciousness Mentor, founder of “The Consciousness Academy” and “Enneagram Egypt”

This book is a gift

“This is a wonderful cookbook of experiments in deep loving. We love Martin's work and don't know of any more comprehensive exploration of what makes couples tick in both the visible and invisible world. In this manual, Martin has done the hard work for us, compiling a huge array of ideas and resources exploring the vastness of what it is to be human and the many elements at play in healthy, joyous, integral relationships. But what makes this truly transformative are the embodied practices and experiences that bring these concepts home. We use these maps and processes in our own relationship and with our clients to inspire greater self-knowledge, intimacy, understanding, and purpose. This book is a gift.”


Erik Muten, MFA PsyD & Amelia Perkins, MA MTS, Partners at Kailo Mentoring Group... integrating Ego & Soul

The Fire Of Personal And Spiritual Work!
“In this, the third installment of his Integral Relationship opus, Martin Ucik offers us a mind-bogglingly comprehensive manual for how to co-create integrally informed romantic relationships. His promise is that through the fire of personal and spiritual work necessary to forge enlightened love relationships, we can co-create the foundation for an authentic second-tier future culture. Martin feels that the fulfilment of the promise of integral theory lies in the coming of age of the progeny of spiritually awakened adults. If he is right, we will all have a lot to thank him for.”

Andrew Cohen

Author of Evolutionary Enlightenment, Founder of Manifest Nirvana,

An extensive resource

“Written with humor, wisdom, and depth, this is a comprehensive manual for exploring the complex territory of our personal relationships. As a guide to facilitating group process, the experiential exercises provide ways to embody the wide variety of themes in the theoretical material. Anyone wishing to discover more about their partner, and their own relationship behavior and prepare themselves for deeper intimacy and fulfillment will find this an extensive resource. And as Ucik argues—having rich, healthy, integral relationships is truly the key to hope for the future.”

Barbara J Hunt

Author of Forgiveness Made Easy: The Revolutionary Guide to Moving Beyond Your Past and Truly Letting Go

Great Balance of Theory and Practice

“I have been inspired by Martin’s work since 2011 when I first read Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men. Martin’s new book contains a great balance of theory and practice that will be useful for everyone, for personal use or to facilitate groups, whether familiar with the Integral perspective or not. With each of the 26 practice Modules, I discovered, learned, or deepened my knowledge of relationships, with state-of-the- art contributions selected, ordered, and revisited by Martin’s acute Integral eye. Each chapter is worth reading, practicing, reading again, practicing again…, as the richness and density of Martin’s work progressively unfolds, and the pieces of the puzzle fit together better and better. I am very grateful to Martin for generously bringing this masterpiece to the world in times when love is needed more than ever.”

Guillaume Thouvenel

NonViolent Communication Certified Trainer, Relationship Coach, France

Wide Range of Important Topics

“It was as much a pleasure to be in Martin's Integral Relationship Training #3 as it is to see its wealth of information and resources now being brought together as a book. In his usual enthusiastic and integral way, Martin presents us with a host of possibilities for engaging with life and our (future) life partner ever more deeply and fully.
One can read the book as a preparation for integral dating, like I did, or use its modules one at the time, as ‘relational acupuncture points.’ I found doing the practices to bring more clarity and initiate fresh momentum, which is especially useful when ‘something’ in a dating or relationship flow feels off and you can't precisely put your finger on it yet.
From start to finish, the book covers a wide range of important topics and new perspectives, as well as points of disagreement, all thoroughly infused with a growth potential eagerly waiting to be unpacked.”

Drs. Marielle de Natris

Retired Psychotherapist, Author of Conscious Interconnection Volume 1: Bodymind Basics for Healthy Living and Working

A Guidance to Navigate in Stormy Waters

"The Path to Healthy Love Relationships is Clear! Once again, Martin Ucik has taken a much-needed step in laying a clear path for those looking to have the greatest of love relationships. We owe Martin a great debt for his dedication to fostering Integral love relationships with greater purpose and meaning, an antidote to the disconnection and division being created in our world. I, for one, continue to benefit from the magnitude and depth of his work, both in my professional career supporting individuals, couples, and families in creating healthier lives, and in my personal life, which has become not only stronger but also deeper through his amazing ability to find the great nuance in loving relationships and his guidance to navigate its stormy waters. This book can be returned to again and again and will continue to add value to any relationship for those willing to be vulnerable enough to face themselves and each other with open hearts.”

Ben Calder

Founder and Director of Centre for Integral Health UK

An Intelligent Inquiry

"Martin Ucik's latest labor of love, Integral Relationship Practice, offers a well-structured, comprehensive, and practical guide for anyone interested in exploring the realm of relationships, complete with experiential exercises, intelligent inquiry, and a plethora of helpful models, tips, and tools for fostering greater relational well-being. Definitely worth integrating into your personal or professional relationship resources."

Karen Sella

MA, CYT, LMT, Integral Coach, Luminanda

Cutting-edge Theories

“Martin’s new book offers a comprehensive and well-organized Integral approach to relationships! He brilliantly introduces most of the cutting-edge theories and practices that are necessary for co-creating thriving relationships in the 21st century. The book also provides an abundance of suggestions for further reading in endnotes if you wish to further research any of the 26 practice modules. Last but not least, you find information about the root causes of problems that plague most relationships––such as the fear-shame downward spiral.”

Valdo Lallemand

Founder of Happy Couples Play Together

Brilliantly Created!

“Amazing! Integral approach in action! Integral Relationship Practice is the most comprehensive step-by-step repository of invaluable information for couple’s work, based on Martin's 26 modules of his Integral Relationship training which I had the great privilege of attending. He has brilliantly created a collection of practical exercises and detailed instructions for practitioners that are easy to follow and implement. Talk about being a solution! I hear his invaluable message of building a better world through co-creating healthy love relationships loud and clear and cannot wait to get out there and start building a community that will benefit from his work and watch the results ripple out in expanding circles. With this manual in hand, my work will be like a walk in the park!”

Lana Koyadinovich

Transformational Life Coach, Integral Relationship and Authentic Relating Facilitator,

Life Changing

"This manual is a wonderful tool in the way that it is written, structured, and explained. Many times, people say that a book changed their life; this manual is certainly one of them for me. I already ordered six copies for my best friends. The understanding drawn from the explanations and exercises will clarify many doubts, not only about the importance of relationships in the 21st century and how to successfully create them, but also about the validity and practical application of Ken Wilber's Integral philosophy."

J.C. Subias, Airline Captain

Theatre Producer, Certified Integral Relationship Professional

To make the world a better place

"In his book, Integral Relationship Practice, Martin Ucik applies Integral theory and covers a vast amount of theoretical and practical territory. His ground-breaking work helps couples to connect with their transformational and transcendental purpose to improve their lives, deepen their relationships, and ultimately to make the world a better place."

Gael McCool

Author of Be Wise Now: A Guide to Conscious Living

For Deeply Fulfilling Conscious Relationships

"A tour de force: Martin lays out his vision of a society based on healthy integral relationships and gives couples and those seeking healthy coupledom the necessary tools. The kind of deeply fulfilling and mutually supportive conscious relationships that most people desire are not created and maintained without work, and this book is a must-have for those who seek them."

Richard Theobald

Integral Relationship Coach, California

Brilliant, unique, and extensive!

“This masterpiece from Martin Ucik is a must-read for every relationship coach, trainer, and couple as well. The content is brilliant, unique, and extensive. It offers a deep understanding of the multiple angles of relationship issues and supports the evolution of consciousness through Integral relationships.”

Yves Mayer

Heart Intelligence Coach and Trainer

Our way back to each other’s heart! 

“The world needs this book more than ever. We should start teaching integral relationship in our schools. It’s time to find our way back to each other’s heart for a more peaceful world.
The dedication and passion Martin put into this book has touched my heart, and I hope it touches the hearts of others too.”

Ali Mobarez

A book that prepares us to be part of a couple

"Martin has, in this book, given us an incredibly comprehensive compendium of resources that inform relationship development.  Integral Relationship Practice is a valuable roadmap that guides us through a very thick territory in service to couples, those preparing to be part of a couple, and, indeed, anyone interested in relationships."

Daniel Kirkpatrick

Consultant and Author, Educational Design Associates

Google Maps of Our Lives

“This manual goes far beyond applying Integral theory to romantic relationships. If you're a perpetually evolving person, then Martin's comprehensive books can take you into a completely new dimension of being, inter-becoming, and a full holistic, integral way of living, relating, and loving. We constantly use Google Maps when we need directions or get lost. I would argue that, even more, humanity needs a Relationship Map because we often get lost in our love lives. Now, thanks to Martin, we can use this manual as a comprehensive map for our relationships and personal growth. This is not another self-help book that you will read and then reflect on a bit; rather, it's a life companion. Integrating and embodying all practices will benefit you in every step of your journey. It is the full map, including links to specialized techniques, resources required during different stages, and even movies to offer examples.
Today, Martin’s work is still a hidden gem. My hope is that Integral Relationship Practice will soon become a subject in schools so that young men and women will have access to this in-depth knowledge instead of becoming Tiktokked and creating a future similar to that seen in the movie “Idiocracy.” Just keep in mind that Google Maps is not the real territory, and neither is this book. Only if you apply this deep knowledge in real life and relationships can this model be incredibly valuable for you and your soulmate(s), and) and contribute to creating a better world.”

Matija Rukavina

Certified Integral Relationship Professional

Robust with current theory

"Human worlds are constituted relationally and are destroyed when relationality ruptures. The transgenerational transmission that scaffolds relational development is a casualty of cultural crisis. The ways in which social media trivializes and twists the heart of relationality is only one of the vectors of cultural crisis. This book, robust also with current theory, is truly intended as a manual for practitioners. While primary bonding is its focus, relating is an essential practice for all of us, making this book useful to anyone interested in growing relational capability through relational practice.

Aftab Omer, PhD

President, Meridian University

Skillfully Woven
“Martin’s book is a valuable resource for anyone who values nourishing, meaningful, healthy relationships. He has skillfully woven together multiple approaches to create a multifaceted model of how relationships work and can evolve. The practical exercises take you along a step-by-step path that leads to an in-depth understanding of your own way of relating, areas for development, and strategies for creating a fulfilling relationship. Highly recommended.”

Jan Day

Author and Teacher of Living Tantra

Integral Relationship Practice Accomplishes Magnificently

“Being, becoming, and relating are intertwined and need to be informed and enacted in the light of art, science, and spirituality, of East and West. And Martin’s Integral Relationship Practice accomplishes that magnificently. It also complements the previous two books by skillfully connecting the tried and tested Integral theory with corresponding practices, hence cultivating true and authentic embodiment. ̀A la Ken Wilber, if reality tetra-arises, so do our relationships. And Martin’s manual provides holonic performatives for the co-creation of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, showing up, linking up, lifting up, and opening up, in mutuality, passionately, and purposefully. It’s a tall order, but as Spinoza said, ‘All noble things are as difficult as they are rare.’”

Nomi Naeem

Senior Librarian, Central Brooklyn Public Library, New York, Editor at Light on Light Press

An Intelligent Comprehensiveness

"Martin puts together an integral vision of relationships that is brilliant. He has a rare mind that can see the “whole elephant” and how the parts and the whole interrelate. He intuitively knows what’s truly relevant in relationships. Comprehensiveness is important for a full understanding, and this book provides it beautifully. His book ensures that we don’t overlook our blind spots. I don’t know where else you can get this kind of intelligent comprehensiveness! More and more people are realizing that we need to awaken and heal together in relationship and in community. Martin integrates the relationship wisdom of others yet authentically comes from his own unique transcendent yet grounded fully human wisdom. I gained a lot, going through all 26 modules with Martin and got to know him on a beautiful soul level. I invite you to receive his gifts and give them to others. As a practicing psychologist specializing in relationships, I can’t recommend his book enough."

Wayne Carr Ph.D

Executive Director: Center for Growth and Healing, Seattle

A fascinating read

“How lucky was I to get a preview of Martin's new book. Martin is a modern-day alchemist, leading the way in consciousness, elevation, and relating. A fascinating read from beginning to end in easy-to-understand, bite-size chunks, creating a symphonic concoction of awareness. The new MUST read for ‘conscious’ people.”

Anthony Abis

Founder of

Huge fans of his work

“Martin is an absolute genius, and we are so very grateful for him and his work and his beautiful way of bringing it all together in a practical, fun and easily digestible way. His ten core tenants say it all and our favorite in particular is number ten; “Healthy love relationships don’t just happen, the skills must be learned” And what a wonderful teacher he is of those 'skills' and right here he compiles everything together in one complete and comprehensive manual. We were lucky enough to study under Martin's guidance and are huge fans of his work and know his new manual is a must for singles, couples, coaches and facilitators. We are so very grateful for him and his wisdom and can't thank him enough! He is an inspiration and we're so excited for what his work is doing for this world!”

Natalie Kalkbrenner and Beau Jess

Relationship and Mindset Consultants

What a gift!

"As a couple who met as students in Martin's 26-week Integral Relationship Facilitator Training, we got to know each other by engaging with this book’s practices together each week. What a gift! We frequently return to insights from the practices as a shared foundation for understanding our relationship dynamics. The practices in this book have brought us greater awareness of ourselves and one another. They have helped us develop new skills and a wider view as we explore, negotiate, and grow our being together. We can think of no one who is working harder, more creatively, and with a more inspired vision in support of the success of our, and every, partnership relationship than Martin. Thank you Martin!

Nick Boyar and Jean Garofoli

Didactic and Experiential Components

"Integral Relationship Practice is the cumulation of many years of study, observation and practice by Martin Ucik. The book is Integral in that many systems of understanding the complexity of human relationship are included. It is Integral in that there are didactic and experiential components with the added fun of suggested movies to transmit content. Martin is precise, organized, and complete. There is something to learn for everyone whether you are a beginner in the intrepid world of relationship or an experienced explorer or you wish to facilitate Integral Relationship groups."

Eva Giedt

psychotherapist in Marin California, assistant and teacher for Thomas Huebl

Thankful for This Book

“This book reflects the complexity of our current world and modern-day relationship dynamics. The practices provide us with the mindset to build, maintain, evolve, and reform our love relationships. Martin collected a wide range of views, systems, methods, techniques, and mindsets about relationships from a practical, scientific, psychological, and spiritual perspective and connected them together. He zooms in from broad areas such as politics, society, and human evolution to specific aspects of intimate relationships. The special feature of the exercises is that through them you can practice face-to-face and heart-to-heart communication, and through this opening you can get insights into yourself and your partner in a deep and clarifying way. From a facilitator perspective, I am unspeakably thankful for the birth of this book, as it gives me confidence to start leading Integral Relationship groups. The recommended books and movies provide additional perspectives for each of the 26 Modules.”

Renata Kiss

Integral Psychology Counselor, Socio- and Art Therapist

Endlessly Grateful!

"Martin's books have helped me more than any others that I've read on relationships, communication, or intimacy. Despite all the work I'd done in relating, there were a few very painful experiences that kept repeating and seemed to cast a shadow on my enjoyment of my partners. Martin's books gave me context to frame the content of my personal experience so that I could see the path forward. I'm endlessly grateful and excited for all those who choose to deepen their capacity to love through this work."

Dr. Matt Kreinheder

Founder of META Mastermind

Next-level Flourishing of the Human Experiment

“I have been enriched by participating in Martin Ucik’s extensive Integral Relationship Training and have recommended it to clients and friends, as I will his new book, Integral Relationship Practice. In it, Martin's commitment to higher, deeper, and more meaningful relationships, and to the next-level flourishing of the Human Experiment, shines brightly from the compelling pages. It is filled with perspective and practices, techniques and tools to deepen and widen your capacity to consciously contain your subjective experience, thereby freeing the space between us for next-level connection and co-creation.”

Daniel Piatek

Founder of The Way of the Practical Mystic and The Hero Academy

Continuing Spring of "Aha Moments"

"This book is a massive undertaking. Incredibly comprehensive. And considering the wealth of information and insight it holds within, remarkably compact. To have all this material in one place laid out like this will undoubtedly be invaluable to seminar leaders, workshop participants, and dedicated students of love and loving relationships. Like the course it accompanies, this book examines in theoretical breadth and experiential depth 14 essential dimensions of relationships in astounding detail, with plenty of footnotes for further exploration.
We all know the old parable of the six blind men and the elephant, where each mistakes his personal experience for absolute truth. In contrast, here in these 26 practice modules, Martin gets us to experience a multi-faceted array of perspectives that provide a continuing spring of "aha moments" to anyone serious about understanding their partner--and themselves."

Lee Liebner, PhD

author of How to Get Through to Your Guy

A Priceless Coaching Book

“This manual provides a plethora of relationship insights, as well as step-by-step coaching instructions, that can (and should) be used with clients. Become familiar with this material. Learn the exercises. Pass on these learnings to your clients. Make your copies of his books well-worn with highlights and side notes. Join Integral Relationship workshops live or online to hone your skills. Integrate the concepts into your practice. You will help clients understand people in general, as well as how to set themselves up for success in their intimate relationships. Where else can you get such a vast array of coaching tools all for the price of a paperback?”

Mary Gordon

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Integral Relationship Professional and Group Facilitator

A Beautiful Map for this Mysterious Journey

"Martin's continuing masterpiece on relationships is a gift to humanity. Our relation to self, others, and community are foundational to living well together. The journey is inherently a mystery, and Martin offers a beautiful map with which to navigate. His humble diligence demonstrates that we can know more about this mystery than we think, feel, or sense. The brilliant tapestry he's woven from insights and practices empowers people to be present in their relationships and avail themselves to new horizons of possibility, dancing in the mystery with embodied abundance."

Steve Caram

Integral Master Coach™

Helped me to discover my connections 

"A mind-blowing, comprehensive, incredibly detailed theoretical and practical masterpiece to broaden our view on relationships and our evolving personalities in the light of them. It brings together many aspects from the biological level to the psychological level to the spiritual (transcendental) level to help us integrate and internalize both pure knowledge and our real-life experiences. You will find a wealth of insights, complexity, and a tremendous amount of expertise. Personally, Martin’s work helped me understand my previous and current relationships—and beyond love relationships, my connections at work or with friends—more deeply and gave me a clear picture of how to manage and shape my relationships according to my level of consciousness, my background, and my personality traits.
This is a book that is worth reading again and again because there are always new pieces of the puzzle to be discovered that have not been put together before; every time I read it, I experience something new that I can incorporate into my personal and work life.”

Borbála Csarnai

Integral Psychology Counselor, Hungary

Will awaken you to THE BLINDSPOTS

“Martin Ucik’s Integral Relationship Practice is obviously a labor of love as it offers transparent access to his lifetime of learning. This manual provides a comprehensive collection of highly relevant perspectives for you and your partner to explore. In the process I assure you that awareness of the dynamics in your relationship will come alive. Some of those perspectives may be familiar to you while one or more may shock you when they awaken you to THE BLINDSPOT(S) that have bedeviled you for decades. When that awareness emerges you will discover the consequential gift this book offers: embodied wisdom rooted in lived experience.”

Rodney Dueck


Deep dive 

“Martin’s knowledge in his work is utterly brilliant in both content and application. It breathes so much layered depth and understanding when in comes to meaningful, healthy, fulfilling relationships. The practical exercises gives you a deep dive of understanding to not only better know yourself but in your relationship to your significant other. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve, grow and learn more about themselves and in their relationships.”

Beau McCleish

Master NLP practitioner, facilitator and Relationship Coach

Essential Reading for Conscious Relationships

“This is such a brilliant compendium of perspectives, explanations, and practical practices! The thought and organizational brilliance make this a book to digest and review over time, and essential reading for those choosing conscious relationships."

Andy Towlen