Biological Differences and Learned Gender Roles


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Learn and practice how to differentiate between what is biologically given by nature between males and females, and learned gender roles or nurture between men and women. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of your own and the opposite sex.

Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Of course, today we know much more about biological differences and learned gender roles of males and females, so that we no longer have to refer to Greek and Roman mythology. But what are these differences? What is biologically given, and what is culturally and socially conditioned? What is nature and what is nurture? What impact does our perspective and level of consciousness have on answering these questions? What is the feminist perspective and what do gender studies tell us? How can we understand the opposite sex better if we never walked in their shoes (or lived in their bodies)? Why are there differences to begin with? Are we still (male) hunters and (female) gatherers? Why do we have gender conflicts to begin with and how can we resolve them? The answers are found through active listening, vulnerable sharing, deep understanding, non-judgmental acceptance, authentic empathy, and caring compassion. Join us in a safe environment for an engaging and eye-opening experiential exploration of these exciting and important topics. Learn about and understand the opposite sex as you have never before by hearing about their deepest secrets, truths, fears, shame, frustrations, desires, hopes, attractions, joys, appreciations, and needs. Make peace with yourself and the opposite sex. Live happily ever after!

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