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Learn and practice how to define, identify, and find or attract your soulmate. Most people want to be with their soulmates. They envision everlasting love, romance, sexual attraction, and happiness, and to live happily ever after once they fall in love–without having to do any ongoing work in their relationship. However, this is a magical fairytale fantasy that rarely, if ever, happens in real life.

A more mature understanding of soulmates is that they are compatible to live their biological purpose, challenge each other to become their best versions of themselves through ongoing mirroring, learning, healing, growing, and awakening, and share a purpose that is larger than either individual and makes the world a better place.

Join us to learn and practice what your soul desires in a mate on the material, lifestyle, physical, intellectual, ethical, creative, emotional, spiritual, and sexual level. Create your personal soulmate profile that allows you to chart your individual path that fits your personality to find or attract him or her.

We will explore:

  • What is the soul versus the ego?
  • What kind of soulmate are you ready for?
  • What are your needs and desires, and how will your soul feel when they are met?
  • What qualities do you want to develop to become attractive to your soulmate?
  • What fears, shame and judgments do you need to let go off that prevent you from opening to love?
  • What strategy do you use to find/attract your soulmate or to deepen your relationship with an existing partner?

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