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Second Chakra

At the level of the second chakra, both partners develop the capacity to share healthy (typically monogamous) forms of sexuality between them that benefits them both. This may involve becoming more physically fit and healthier, removing psychological blocks, healing emotional wounds around their sexuality, learning tantric techniques, and practicing sacred sexuality. Sexuality is no longer used as a bargaining chip, display of power, or a means to manipulate or punish each other through withholding, but is equally pursued and enjoyed by both, while maintaining the sexual polarity by balancing feminine and masculine polarities.

Co-Creation Between First and Second Chakra

Creating symmetry at these two levels moderates or even removes the Primary Fantasy as the main attractor and replaces it with equal desires, rights, and responsibilities to co-create as equal and opposite partners at the level of the first and second chakra. This may at first feel unreasonable or unappealing to males who use their money, power and status to get access to younger, sexy women. And, it may even outrage attractive females who use their looks and sexuality to get access to financially successful and powerful males, or to otherwise get what they want and have their way through playing the sex card and becoming a trophy wife. But once they experience the joy, satisfaction, power, and sexiness of sharing their Transcendental Purpose with a partner, they will not want to go back to the manipulative, unsustainable transactional love relationship that they had previously engaged in.

Third chakra
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