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Eight Forms, Six Levels, and Five States of Love"

Learn and practice in three paired breakout sessions how to navigate eight different forms of love (as shown below), five states or phases of love, and six levels of love that we typically experience in our romantic relationships.

The Eight Forms of love are experienced through a combination of various levels of (1) “interior” intimacy (in-to-me-you-see), which are determined by the level of consciousness development of each partner, (2) “exterior” passion, which is created through hormones when our primary sexual fantasies are met, and (3) "dependence", which is formed through our unconscious mind.

These three ingredients of love allow us to form three metaphorical triangles for each partner; one for the reality, one for the projected ideals, and one for the intentions of the relationship.

There are Six Levels of unconscious dependence, from (1) co-dependence to (2) dependence, (3) independence, (4) interdependence, (5) inter-being and (6) inter-becoming, which are created through mutual compatible pathologies and coping mechanisms, and higher levels of spiritual realizations and shared purpose.

Another important aspect of co-creating healthy love relationships is to successfully navigate the Five States or phases of love they go through.
Most of these states are driven by “love” hormones. Individuals can be in different phases and experience them in different durations and intensities as they get to know each other and become increasingly intimate, passionate and committed, and sometimes also challenged.

Where: Zoom
Duration: 2 hours
Price: $30

  • Saturday, February 26th, 8:45 / 9:00 AM UTC (12:45 / 1:00 AM PST - 3:45 / 4:00 AM EST - 9:45 / 10:00 AM CET)
  •  Sunday, February 27th, 5:45 / 6:00 PM UTC (9:45 / 10:00 AM PST - 12:45 / 1:00 PM EST - 6:45 / 7:00 PM CET)*

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*Due to the diversity of the attendees' time zones, we are offering you to join the workshop either on Saturday or Sunday, so that you can select the time that suits you better.

The host of the event is the German-American author, trainer, and relationship consultant - Martin Ucik.

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