Two kinds of life purpose:

  • Differentiate between our Biological and Transcendental Purpose
  • Understand the four ways how humans make meaning of life and the universe (Creationism, Evolutionary Theory, Intelligent Design and Co-Creative Impulse) and why that maters for relationships.
  • Learn about how our genetic makeup and brain development including synaptic formation, pruning, and myelination predispositions us for living our purpose.
  • Understand the difference between experience-expectant and experience dependent learning.
  • Understand the benefits of living our Transcendental Purpose
  • Learn about the basic natural talents of empathy, (cognitive) intelligence, creativity and kinesthetic abilities, and how they became genetically predisposed through the sexual selection process of our anscestors.
  • Learn about the seven steps to living our Transcendental Purpose
    Step 1: Awakening to our Transcendental Purpose
    Step 2: Removing Psychological Blocks
    Step 3: Identifying Natural Talents and Purpose
    Step 4: Developing Skills
    Step 5: Serving Needs and Providing Value
    Step 6: Increasing Impact
    Step 7: Identifying Stages of Maturity
  • Balance and harmonize feminine and masculine polarities at the level of the seven chakras in all the four quadrants in the gross, subtle, and causal realms.
  • Making feminine and masculine validity claims to what is Good, True, Beautiful and Functional.
  • Develop a shared statement with the vision, mission, values, goals and strategy to enact your purpose with your partner.
  • Co-create with an equal and opposite partner with the same rights and responsibilities in the public and private sphere through communicative action.
  • Support your clients in identifying their life purposes and what stage of manifestation it is in.Exploring the Integral emergence in the evolution of relationships will allow you to guide your clients to share their deepest convictions, concerns and purpose with their partner. Singles and couples will have an opportunity to advance into higher stages of consciousness to generate unique solutions for the significant problems that we face as individuals, couples, families, communities, nations and all humanity.
    You will thus contribute to a bright and peaceful future for all humanity, co-created by couples in rewarding, healthy and sustainable Integral Love Relationships.Suggested reading Material:
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