Introduction and Workshop Description

Join thousands around the world who have been introduced to the Integral Relationship Model through the Introduction and Experiential Workshop

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The Integral approach to love relationships is not just another relationship fad, communication technique, secret, tool, practice, agreement, or therapy! It rather integrates the latest relationship wisdom from the fields of psychology, spirituality, biology, medicine, sociology, philosophy, and anthropology into a comprehensive map of the entire relationship territory.

This wisdom—and most importantly its embodiment and practice—allows single and coupled women and men of any sexual orientation to successfully navigate the complex, demanding and often confusing territory of modern and post-modern love relationships to co-create healthy and sustainable partnerships with a shared purpose that provides the greatest good for the largest number of people.

  • Meet your partner fully at all levels of body, mind, heart and soul/spirit.
  • Create a clear road map to realizing your full relationship potentials.
  • If single, find/attract a partner for a fulfilling love relationship.
  • Practice Integral Relationships in over 20 experiential exercises.

Singles will receive a clear roadmap to finding/attracting and identifying compatible partners for the co-creation of sustainable relationships between opposites and equals (and possibly meet their soulmate at the workshop).

Couples will identify growth potentials that allow them to deepen their loving connection on the levels of body, mind, heart, and soul/spirit.

The Introduction is an entertaining, easy to understand, and fun presentation of the entire Integral Relationship Model, illustrated by over 100 power point slides, 3 short videos and music. It will allow you to make sense of your past relationship experiences and provide you with insights how to improve your love-life if necessary. You will learn about the:

  • Primary sexual fantasies of males and females.
  • Primary emotional reactions of males and females and the fear/shame dynamic.
  • Learned gender roles.
  • Healthy and unhealthy feminine/masculine polarities.
  • Multiple intelligences and capacities.
  • Levels of consciousness, spiritual, Anima/Animus complex, and sexual development.
  • Five Love languages, nine Enneagram types and three instincts.
  • Eight forms of love.
  • (In)compatibilities between partners.
  • Shared purpose in evolutionary love relationships.
  • The presentation is followed by small group discussion and questions/answers in a large circle.

The Workshop is completely experiential with group, paired, and individual exercises that allow you to practice and embody the Integral Relationship Model.
You will:

  • Connect through unconditional love with each of the participants in a heart-opening circle. This experience creates the safety for you to heal, learn and grow during the weekend.
  • Get to know all participants in their mind/soul/spiritual, physical body, relational heart we-space, and social dimensions. This experience allows you to balanced and harmonize these four essential realms of our humanness to co-create a thriving love relationship.
  • Identify developmental stages of consciousness from which we experience and make sense of the world and our love relationships. This experience allows you to continually heal and grow together with a compatible partner, which will keep your relationship alive.
  • Discuss the differences between biological sex/nature and learned gender roles/nurture of males and females that impact our love relationships. This experience provides you with intimate and profound insights what it means to be a male or female in today's world.
  • Feel into the two feminine and masculine polarities through a movement exercise. This experience shows you the gender neutrality of the four polarities, your center of gravity, and future healing and growth potentials.
  • Experience the five stages of spiritual development from Gross to Non-Dual during a guided meditation. This experience may opened the door for meditation with your partner, and provide you with your deepest state realizations yet.
  • Dive into the sacredness of human touch and spiritual connection. You will experience a non-dual state with your partner that includes the gross, subtle, and causal realms which you can transform into a stage through ongoing practice after the woorkshop.
  • Safely explore the five stages of sexual development from repressed to transcendent sexuality. This experience will allow you to remove shame and blocks that you may have around your sexuality and to advance towards a sustainable, healing, sacred spiritual energy exchange (sex) practice.
  • Revisit childhood experiences that formed your Anima/Animus complex which impacts who you feel psychologically attracted to and how you co-create love relationships. This exercise will allow you to see patterns of attraction and fear/shame dynamics in your love relationships.
  • Discover and heal the shadow or false identity elements in yourself and your partner that often sabotage our love relationships. This experience will create compassion for yourself and your partner and will save you hours in therapy and prolonged heartbreak by returning to it whenever you have an emotional reaction to your partners reality.
  • Understand your own and your partners personality types. This exercise will allow you to give and receive love in a way that resonates with you and your partner.