Apply Integral Theory of Human Growth and Potentials to Co-Create  a Happy, Healthy, Sustainable Love Relationship

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Sex Purpose Love addresses the complexity of love relationships in the 21st century and the global challenges that humanity is facing. It applies Ken Wilber s Integral theory of human growth and potentials to the areas of sex, purpose, love, and couples creating a better world.

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End the suffering in your love life and co-create a healthy, sustainable love relationship by meeting your partner at his or her level of development with the love, understanding, integrity, strength and compassion that (s)he is yearning for. Learn, heal, grow, and awaken together to serve the greatest good for the largest number of people.
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Andrew Cohen

Founder and Spiritual Teacher

Enlighten Next Magazine

I am impressed by your scholarship!  You must be one of the first people in history to put the post-modern predicament as it relates to sex and romance on the integral map, and you’ve done an impressive job.

Ken Wilber

Writer and Philosopher

The Integral Vision

The more I read, the more I was just really astounded how much territory you cover. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything quite like it–it’s very impressive!

Dr. Marj Britt

Senior Minister Emeritus

Unity of Tustin, CA

Martin Ucik’s book, written as a manual for men, will be recognized as one of the most important books of the early 21st century.

Robb Smith,


Integral Institute

An insightful and powerful application of the Integral Model. Straight forward, refreshing and candid in a landscape littered with cloying fluff.

Prof. Allan Combs


California Institude of Integral Studies

Get this book and pay attention to what it has to say.

Dr. (c) Nomi Naeem

Senior Librarian

Brooklyn Library

One of the best ways to get introduced to—or revisit— Integral theory.

Ken Wilber

Writer and Philosopher

The Integral Vision

An astonishingly complete manual for men based on virtually all the elements of the Integral model, in itself a remarkable feat. And the advice is truly sound. A great book!

Integral Relationships

Relationship Resources for Singles, Couples and Professionals on the Edge of Evolution

English – German – Danish

Sex Purpose Love

Sex Purpose Love addresses the complexity of love relationships in the 21st century and the global challenges that humanity is facing. It applies Ken Wilber s Integral theory of human growth and potentials to the areas of sex, purpose, love, and couples creating a better world. read more

Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men

Allows men to meet women at their level of consciousness, spiritual, sexual and animus-complex development at the level of body, mind, heart and spirit/soul to co-create healthy, sustainable love relationships. read more

Integrale Beziehungen

Was ist das Geheimnis glücklicher Langzeitbeziehungen? Warum scheitern so viele Beziehungen? Was will die Frau, und was will der Mann? read more


Du vil i denne bog lære at møde din nuværende eller potentielle partner med den forståelse, integritet, styrke, venlighed og medfølelse, read more

Integral Relationship Events with Martin

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Singles will receive a clear roadmap to finding/attracting and identifying compatible partners for the co-creation of sustainable healthy love relationships (and may meet their soul-mate at the event.)

Couples will identify and realize healing and growth potentials that allow them to deepen and sustain their loving connection at the level of body, mind, heart and soul/spirit.

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The Core Elements of an Integral Love Relationship

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12 Core Integral Relationship Values

Core Value 1

We choose to love instead of something that happens to us or that we attract. More

Core Value 2

We see the depth of our heart and soul connection as well as the level of humility and devotion to our relationship as an indicator of our psychological health and spiritual realization. More

Core Value 3

We transcend our primary fantasy and base our relationship in Being values, versus material, sexual, or emotional neediness. More

Core Value 4

We use our relationship for ongoing mutual learning, healing, growing, and awakening towards the capacity to love unconditionally. More

Core Value 5

We hold an evolutionary perspective and have reached or strive towards an integral, transpersonal or higher level of consciousness.

Core Value 6

We continually develop, balance and harmonize our healthy feminine and masculine polarities and meet each other as opposites and equals to create synergy at the level of all the seven chakras.

Core Value 7

We share a purpose in our relationship which is larger than either individual and offered in service for the greatest good of the largest number of people, while also preserving the relative sovereignty of each individual.

Core Value 8

We have an Integral Life Practice (ILP) with modules for the health of our body, mind, spirit/soul, and shadow, as well as ethics, sexuality, work, emotions, and relationships.

Core Value 9

We make an explicit agreement to share our truths without the need for validation or acceptance from our partner, and to own our emotional reactions to our partner’s reality.

Core Value 10

We set and respect each other’s healthy boundaries.

Core Value 11

We share material resources and pursue an environmentally and socially responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

Core Value 12

We engage in sacred/tantric sexuality and practice monogamy out of choice instead of fear.

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