Book to learn and practice how people at the seventh integral and eighth transpersonal level of consciousness communicate to validate their views and behaviors in order to get their needs met.

Realize why everyone is right (but not equally right) from the viewpoint of what is called their “Kosmic Address,” which is defined by the combination of their level of consciousness development or altitude, the perspectives they take from one or more of the four dimensions of being (quadrants), and the feminine/masculine validity claims they make.

See that all views hold partial truths, as nobody is stupid enough to be wrong all of the time or smart enough to be right all of the time.

See how people and groups at the seventh integral level of consciousness development shift from need-based to being-based communication by moving away from the narrow judgments and beliefs of people in the previous six levels towards curiosity and openness about what they consider to be good, true, beautiful, and functional.

See, too, how people and groups at this level validate their own views by referring to what the most competent and peer-reviewed experts in any given field agree on as serving the greatest good or happiness for the largest number of people.

Advance into the eighth transpersonal stage in which a new sense of humility, beginner’s mind, and compassion emerge, and communication becomes more authentic, personal, vulnerable, and dialectical to advance into novelty.

Recognize the shift away from looking and talking down at people in first-tier consciousness from the integral level (which can be perceived as being arrogant and superior) towards a deep caring, love, kindness, and bonding that becomes the hallmark of creating mutual understanding with others and serves the greatest good for all living things.


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