It can be frustrating when we expect to hear from someone we love and he does not get in touch with us. My first thought is if you clearly communicated with him that would love to hear from him on a daily basis. You may have different love languages, and he may not understand your need for hearing his voice and verbal connection to feel safe and loved. If you have a strong emotional reaction to him not calling you, you may also own your feelings and see what the underlying wound may be and what it may take to feel more secure. Otherwise you run the risk of becoming needy and dependent, which may push him further away. So the first step may be to share your feelings when he did not call you. The second would be to share how much you would love to hear from him on a daily basis and to agree on a time when he would call you (or you call him). You may also both do a love languages test and share the results. You can then better meet your needs to feel loved and cared for.    

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