Book to learn and practice how to identify your and your partner’s attachment style through a test and conversation about how you feel about intimate relationships and react under relationship stress.

Gain a deeper understanding of the four attachment styles that are formed in early childhood and remain with you into your adult life: secure, anxious, avoidant, and anxious-avoidant (also called disorganized, disoriented, or ambivalent).

Explore how your genetic predisposition and your relationship with your parents and other caregivers formed your attachment style.

Realize that you can heal your relationship wounds only in intimate love relationships, ideally with a partner who is more secure than you are.

Move towards earned secure autonomous attachment by creating a coherent narrative that supports you in removing psychological blocks and healing childhood wounds that limit you emotionally in your capacity to form a healthy sustainable love relationship.

Support others in learning about their attachment style and becoming more secure.


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