Book to learn and practice how to understand the opposite sex as never before, by hearing about their deepest secrets, truths, fears, shame, frustrations, desires, hopes, attractions, joys, appreciations, and needs.

Distinguish between biological/natural sex differences, and divergent culturally nurtured and socially conditioned and adopted gender roles of men and women.

Gain a better understanding of your own and the opposite sex by sharing your own experiences and listening to what others share about sex and gender—what is nature, and what is nurture?

See how the perspectives from the four dimensions of being and relating (quadrants) and levels of consciousness development impact individuals’ views on sex and gender, the feminist perspective, and views from gender studies discourse.

Explore questions like the following:

How can we better understand the opposite sex if we have never walked in their shoes (or lived in their bodies)?

Why do these differences exist, and how did they develop? Are we still in our essence (male) hunters and (female) gatherers?

Do different gender roles make sense—and when? Why do we have gender conflicts, and how can we resolve them?

Find answers through open listening, vulnerable sharing, deep understanding, nonjudgmental acceptance, authentic empathy, and caring compassion. Join us in a safe environment for an engaging and eye-opening experiential exploration of these exciting and important topics.

Make peace with yourself and the opposite sex.

Live happily ever after in a healthy love relationship!


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