Book to learn and practice how to co-create a healthy sustainable Integral Love Relationship with your soulmate at the level of your seven chakras.

Engage in a meditative breathing and movement exercise that allows you to feel into the co-creative life force of each of the seven chakras in your body.

Notice the charge in each for your seven chakras.

Heal any unconscious wounds, trauma, or unrealized potentials that block, disconnect, or limit the co-creative life force from manifesting through each of your seven chakras.

Feel into the yearning in each of your seven chakras to co-create with your soulmate in the four dimensions of your being by balancing and harmonizing healthy feminine and masculine polarities.

Bring all the essential elements/dimensions of the Integral Relationship model into a functional whole.

Transform your relationships from need-based, asymmetric, transactional love to becoming-based, symmetric, transcendental love in which you not only love your partner but, even more, that which is uniquely co-created between the two of you at the level of each chakra by sharing your biological, transformational, and transcendental purpose.


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