Book to learn and practice how to identify and open the seven chakras in our body. Each chakra has a gross, subtle, and causal “energy”, manifests in the four dimensions of our being (the mind, body, cultural, and social), and has feminine and masculine polarities. Chakras can be open, closed, overflowing, leaking, neutral, arrested, giving, receiving, flowing, static, full, empty, warm, or cold in any of the four dimensions and have healthy and unhealthy feminine/masculine expressions. To intimately relate and co-create with your partner, it is important that you balance and harmonize all seven chakras in healthy ways. Join us for an exploration and practices to heal, grow, and awaken your seven Chakras for a healthy love relationship. Transform your relationships from need-based, asymmetric, transactional love relationships to being-based, symmetric, transcendental Love where you not only love your partner, but even more so what is uniquely co-created between the two of you by sharing a transcendental purpose.


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