Integral Dating and Relationship Consultations and transformational coaching with Martin Ucik

I am the author of Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men and Sex Purpose Love, and  certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas (MA) and Dr. Clair Zamit as a Calling In “The One” coach. I offer Integral Relationship consultations and coaching for singles, couples and organisations in person (currently Istanbul, Turkey), by phone (+1-707-566-2106), via skype (username: martinucik), or by email.


For hourly coaching, consultations, and questions, you may buy coaching points below, according to you needs.

For long-term coaching, my fee is based on the value that I provide to you. We will have an initial conversation in which we decide if we are a good fit for working together. If we are both convinced that we can reach your relationship goals together, we will determine what it is worth to you to find/attract a compatible partner, save an existing relationship, to amicably end a relationship, to heal old relationship wounds, or solve your relationship challenges in groups, teams and organisations.

Buying Coaching Points:

If you just have a few questions and want to pay me for my time, you can also buy coaching points in increments of 15 and invest them as needed.

For Dating Profile Interview and Writing I charge $200. (check/cash/paypal invoice). Contact Me to schedule.