Book to learn and practice how people at the sixth level of consciousness development communicate.

People at this level reject the idea of objective, absolute truths. They stress the importance that every observation or experience must be put into a relative, culturally constructed context and that individual subjectivity must be considered, respected, and validated. Rather than trusting the mind and sense perceptions, the focus in their communications shift to expressing subjective observations, feelings, unmet needs, and making requests (rather than demands).

This is encapsulated in what has become known as compassionate or non-violent communication. To practice this way of communicating, we will first identify specific needs that we have when relating with others. We will then make a distinction between interpretations of situations and the feelings that are created when our needs are not met, and how to express these feeling authentically. This leads us to a practice of making doable requests that clearly communicate why, what, when, where, and how we want our partner to do something, instead of making demands. Finally, we will explore the difference between needs and neediness.


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