Book to learn and practice how to identify which of the nine Enneagram types you and your partner resonate with most.

Feel into your “wings”—the type(s) next to the primary type that you identify with—and the types you move towards under stress and when you relax.

Understand how your type combinations positively and negatively impact your love relationship by comparing them online.

Put your type in the context of the unhealthy, average, and healthy levels of expression.

Explore how to communicate your own values and needs and how to meet those of your partner.

Identify whether you and your partner resonate most with the self-preservation, social, or attraction/intensity/sexual instinctual variant, and why compatibility, or at least acceptance, are crucial for you to meet each other’s needs.

Co-create a rewarding and thriving love relationship by creating synergy between your Enneagram types.


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