Book to learn and practice how to avoid going down the fear-shame spiral that eventually leads to relationship crash, and how to make amends and return to love if the spiral has already happened for you and your partner.

Realize why approx. 50 percent of relationships end because couples unconsciously descend through the ten phases of the fear-shame spiral.

Avoid the unnecessary emotionally frustrating, financially devastating, socially disruptive, physically harmful, and children-traumatizing ending of relationships by understanding why most women experience fear under relationship stress and why most men experience shame.

Recognize and understand the ten phases of the downward spiral and why they unfold in the order that they do.

Practice how to reverse the path down the spiral by emotionally connecting with your own and your partner’s feelings in order to no longer stimulate fear or shame in each other.

Make amends and return to the romance, love, and intimacy that you experienced at the beginning of your relationship.

Become able to not only make your own love relationship crash-proof but also to support family members, friends, and clients who are going down the spiral in finding their way back to love.


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