As John Lennon said and we all experience right now, “life is happening while we make other plans.” So in that sense, we cannot build our future. The things that had the biggest impact on my life, such as meeting my wife and mother of my three children, finding a location to open a music store, having the opportunity to move to America, getting to know Eckhart Tolle and later Ken Wilber, being invited to come to teach and live in Istanbul, or the coronavirus pandemic all happened when I least expected them. However, we can set broader intentions, such as being married and having children, opening a business, moving to another country, or to create more goodness, truth, beauty, or functioning in the world. We can then live in the now, do our best in every given moment to become the best version of ourselves (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually), share our dreams with others, stay open to opportunities and invitations we receive, have the courage to follow our passion and heart's longings, and release any attachment to specific outcomes (which only create tunnel vision and disappointment).


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