These and related relationship challenges can be solved through balancing and harmonizing healthy feminine and masculine polarities between you and your partner. Feminine and masculine energies can be embodied by males and females. Alas, we can not be simultaneously feminine and masculine (for example empty and full, still and moving, rising or falling, leading and following, breathing in and breathing out, giving and receiving). You can envision this as a river that is co-created by the masculine banks (unmoving, structured, directional, containing) and the feminine water (moving, fluid, forming, waxing and waning) co-creating a river. Both are necessary in a balanced and harmonized to get a river. If the banks have holes and are leaking, are too rigid to be formed by the water, or not high enough to contain the water, the “feminine” feels uncontained, lost and unable to flow safely. If there is not enough water or flow, the “masculine” feels empty, uninspired, meaningless, undirected and unchallenged. Another way to feel into the polarities is to equate the masculine with leading and the feminine with following. The healthy masculine leads in response to the feminine, the healthy feminine follows in support of the masculine. Embodying these polarities in healthy ways allow couples to stay whole and complete in themselves while at the same time being part of their love relationship. They also create synergy and flow in their partnership by complementing each other. Problems arise when they are both either to masculine or to feminine, don’t know how to balance and harmonize their polarities, or have unhealthy expressions e.g. when leading becomes dominating, following becomes submissive, flowing becomes erratic, containing becomes ridgid, surrender becomes passive, or presence becomes aloof. Love is the healthy co-creation of the inter-dependent feminine and masculine polarities.

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