This is a great question, especially in these times of uncertainty and transformation. Many studies show that humans who live their purpose and are in happy love relationships are most healthy and fulfilled. There are three broad layers of purpose that also define who our ideal partner or soulmate is:

The first is our biological purpose; to survive, to form groups (family, community), to procreate and raise children, and to seek the optimum quality of life, typically in a hedonistic way.

The second purpose is to learn (reading, studying, being curious about the world etc.), to heal (doing psychological work), to grow (evolving in consciousness by including increasing numbers of perspectives, ranging from me, to we, to us, to all of us, to all of it) and to awaken (engaging into religious, mindfulness, and spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, yoga etc.)

The third purpose is to create more goodness, truth, beauty, or functioning that serves the needs of others and makes the world a better place.


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