We all have an immunity to change. This is usually a good thing, just as our biological immune system is. It detects and fights bacteria and viruses that are harmful to our body and keeps us safe. Problems arise when the immune system is weak or does not recognise aggressive intruders, or overreacts in hyperactive immune responses and your body can’t tell the difference between your healthy, normal cells and invaders. In essence, your immune system turns against you. The same is true for your emotional and behavioral immune system. On one hand, it protects you from making unwise, dangerous and harmful choices. On the other hand it may turn against you by preventing you from the necessary learning, healing, growing and awakening so that you can realize your fullest human potentials. Obviously, the trick is to discriminate between the two; between healthy boundaries on one side and rigid, self-defeating, narrow ones that keep you stuck on the other. Fortunately, the integral model provides us with a clear, proven and simple map to show which practices, changes and development lead to increasing joy, freedom, love,  acceptance, compassion, and success, and which keep us stuck. Please contact me if you need help to remove your inner barriers and hidden commitments to healthy change while maintaining healthy boundaries.


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