The first step is to realize that you have a Biological Purpose that you share with all other living creatures. It determines who you are physically attracted to and compatible with in your lifestyle choices. The second step is to get clarity about your psychological purpose for ongoing learning, healing and growing. You will be naturally attracted to a partner who can see, mirror, and challenge you to become a healthy and mature human being. The third step is to realize that you have a spiritual purpose to awaken to the capacity to love unconditionally. Your soulmate will give you a state experience of localized unconditional love and support you to transform it into a stage of universal unconditional Love (with a capital ā€œLā€). Your ultimate purpose is to awaken to and living your transcendental purpose. Your soulmate will share your purpose and complement you in a unique way. This allows you to create synergy and a new whole as a couple that is greater than the sum of each of you.

In summary, a soulmate meets and co-creates with you in the four dimensions of your being: The biological, mental-emotional, spiritual, and transcendental realms.

All our Integral Relationship and Mindfulness events support you in learning, healing, growing, and awakening in these four dimensions. You can wait for a little and start your Integral journey with our scheduled online group training or you can start changing your life right now on private training (for yourself or with your partner) under the caring and insightful mentorship of Martin Ucik.

When your body, mind, heart, and soul are fully ready and open, when you have removed all the barriers of fear and shame (which are the opposite of love) inside yourself, when you live your purpose and enjoy life, your soulmate will come.

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