By realizing that being alive in itself is a miracle and by opening up to all the possibilities and invitations that you are presented with from moment to moment. Unfortunately, the Ego, our separate and false sense of self, sees life as a problem, as lacking, as scarce, as unfair (it always compares itself with others), and as negative. It sees itself as a victim and has a narrow focus on what it wants and does not want. We call this “tunnel vision”. So it misses all the magic, all the miracles, all the opportunities, all the invitations that are outside it’s view and awareness. We attract miracles into our lives by transcending the ego, by being present in the moment, by widening our perspectives to 360 degree vision, by seeing the magic in little things, by seeing opportunities where others see problems, by being grateful, by staying open, and by wanting what we have, instead of having what we want. The ego does not want to hear this! It wants to be critical, antagonistic, negative, skeptical, and right. Only your soul, your deeper sense of self, knows that the above is true. When people are about to die and have to surrender, they often finally realize what a miracle life is, how important it is to love deeply and fiercely, and that living our purpose and to serve others is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Don’t wait till then. Begin to live your miraculous life NOW.


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