Thank you for your question. I sense your conflict between being in committed safe relationship, and your fear of disappointment. Your conflict is most likely related to a highly avoidant and/or highly anxious attachment style. If that is the case, see my answer to  question 7 above; “How can one solve the problem of insecure-attachment.” You may also have an Animus complex in stage 1 or 2, which your repressed masculine that you project on men. A milder form of this conflight may stem from a lack of trusting yourself. As mentioned above, trust is mainly an inside job. This means, you don’t trust yourself to be OK when your partner would let you down, and/or you don’t have healthy boundaries and clear values to say no when we you get abused. You then project this lack or fear outward, and become distrustful, suspicious, controlling and needy. If none of this resonates with you, then I suggest you make a list of your needs and values that you would like to have met and share in a partnership, and identify your Kosmic Address. This allows you to select a compatible partner and to learn, heal, grow and awaken with him.

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