Feeling love for everyone and everything is a wonderful stage. It also opens the door to what is called polyamory (many loves), and often includes sexuality. Why limit our love and sexuality to one person if we can love everyone? Isn’t monogamy an unnatural product of our fears and jealousy?

However, people who went through a polyamory phase often find that there is more love, depth (versus span), purpose and fulfillment in choosing mature monogamous love relationships between soulmates who challenge each other to realize their fullest human potential. These relationships happen through grace once they did the necessary inner soul-work.

Once their soulmate comes into their life and they embark on a path of co-creating, learning, healing, growing and awakening at the level of all seven chakras in all four dimensions of their being by balancing healthy feminine and masculine polarities, and sharing your purpose, there is no turning back; they don’t return or exchange the gift.

While we do our personal work to become ready to find/attract our soulmate, most teachers suggest celibacy, so that we are fully open and ready when he or she shows up.

So my humble and practical suggestion is that you become very clear about your further growth potentials and your life’s purpose. You can then proactively find or attract your soulmate and clearly recognize him or her when he or she comes into your life.

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