Being happily single for a while is an important developmental step to move from co-dependence and dependence to independence. Independence as an inner state is the prerequisite for maturing to interdependence, interbeing and interbecoming. As we have seen in the last few weeks with the coronavirus pandemic, on the external level, we are never independent but interconnected. We need each other for our survival and well-being, especially when we can no longer depend on the system to take care of us. The only way to become truly interdependent and thus more fully human, is to develop the capacity to co-create with an equal and opposite partner at the level of all seven chakras in a healthy integral love relationship. Research clearly shows that thriving communities are built by couples and nuclear families. Even though we need social distancing to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, we don’t need social isolation. What we need for our ongoing emotional and physical well-being (and ultimately survival and future) are loving and caring connections with people in intimate relationships.


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