Book to learn about and explore the seventh and eight stage of consciousness development and how they impact our love relationships.

People at the previous “first-tier” levels of consciousness development insist that their particular views and values are the best and only “right” way to see the world and to form love relationships. Whenever threatened or challenged, they react negatively and lash out, using their own tools. Lovers at a “second-tier” integral or higher level intuitively recognize the importance of all preceding levels—including the process of development itself—and integrate their essential qualities and basic capacities while transcending their limited views. They also balance and harmonize healthy masculine agency/ascending and feminine communion/descending to create flow and synergy without favoring one over the other. Ongoing shared learning, healing, growing and awakening forms the purpose of their love. Flexibility, spontaneity, and functionality become their highest priority. Therefore, integral couples can be pragmatic and utilitarian and may break up when they feel stifled or unsupported in their individual healing and development. People at an integral level are also sometimes prone to fall in love with singles who have personality disorders. They are attracted to their inner complexity, seductiveness, and psychological and spiritual pursuits of finding solutions to their problems. Unfortunately, these relationships frequently turn into one-way streets, and eventually the integral empath and helper burns out and either gives up or is left. People at the seventh integral level can also show a certain coldness, bitterness, and arrogance towards people at earlier levels. They rather win the arguments than maintaining the relationships.

At the transpersonal level eight, a shift towards full and healthy embrace/embodiment and not only “knowledge” about the previous stages (being unconsciously competent) takes place. A new sense of humility, compassion, love, care, embrace and concern for the health of people at all previous levels emerges, yet without getting swept up in their drama and limited views. At this level, people are linguistically construct-aware and rather lose or avoid the argument to maintain the relationship. The self becomes part of the collective (un)conscious whole and global networking is seen as routine. People at this level opt for minimalist living, so less is more, and do not enter into sexual relationships with partners in first tier. (see modules 6-8) and philosophically pragmatic/critically realistic.

We will explore how development to the integral and transpersonal levels take place, how singles at these levels can identify compatible partners, and how to co-create sustainable second-tier love relationships.


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