Book to learn and practice how/if the integral and transpersonal stages of consciousness development emerged in your life, and how they impact your love relationships today.

Realize why people at the previous “first-tier”  levels of consciousness development insist that their particular views, beliefs, and values are the best and only “right” way to see the world and to make their love relationships work.

Understand why people react negatively and lash out in defense whenever their views are challenged or threatened, using the tools that are available to them.

See why people in “second-tier” integral and transpersonal levels of consciousness intuitively recognize the importance of all preceding levels—including the process of development itself.

Integrate the essential qualities and basic capacities of each preceding level while transcending the limited views through ongoing learning, healing, growing, and awakening.

Balance and harmonize healthy masculine agency/ascending and feminine communion/descending polarities in all four dimensions of your being and relating in order to co-create attraction, synergy, and flow in your love relationships.

Meet others at earlier levels of consciousness development with understanding and compassion, supporting them in their development without getting entangled in their drama, and co-create a love relationship with an equal and opposite partner.

Look at the healthy needs and expressions of each of these two stages, as well as the unhealthy aspects and limited views.

Understand how a lack of healthy integration at these stages, as well as attachments to limited views, are often the cause for relationship conflicts and breakups, especially when one partner is at a later or earlier stage of development than the other.


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