Join us for a weekend of learning and embodying the Integral Love Relationship Model
  • Singles will receive a clear road-map to finding/attracting and identifying compatible partners for the co-creation of sustainable relationships between opposites and equals (and possibly meet their soulmate at the workshop).
  • Couples will identify growth potentials that allow them to deepen their loving connection on the levels of body, mind, heart, and soul/spirit.

The Integral approach to love relationships links the latest wisdom from such fields as psychology, spirituality, biology, medicine, sociology, philosophy, and anthropology into a comprehensive map of the entire relationship territory.
This wisdom—and most importantly its practice and embodiment—allows singles and couples of any sexual orientation to successfully navigate the complex, demanding and often confusing territory of modern and post-modern love relationships to co-create healthy, sustainable partnerships.

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The Friday Evening Introduction (open to all):

Provides an entertaining, easy to understand, and fun presentation of the entire Integral Relationship Model, illustrated by over 100 power point slides and 3 short videos. This will allow you to make sense of your past relationship experiences and provide you with insights how to improve your love-life if necessary.

You will learn about the:

  • Primary sexual fantasies of males and females.
  • Primary emotional reactions of males and females and the fear/shame dynamic.
  • Learned gender roles.
  • Healthy and unhealthy feminine/masculine polarities.
  • Multiple intelligences and capacities.
  • Levels of consciousness, spiritual, Anima/Animus complex, and sexual development.
  • Five Love languages, nine Enneagram types and three instincts.
  • Eight forms of love.
  • (In)compatibilities between partners.
  • Shared purpose in evolutionary love relationships.

The presentation is followed by small group discussion and questions/answers in a large circle.

The Workshop:

+ experiential / not just more information
+ embodied / not just conceptual
+ connected / not just hyper-individual
+ practical / not just theory
+ integrated / not just fragmented pieces
+ interactive / not just 1 person talking
+ transformative / not just better translation
+ expanded states / not just mind & ego
+ authentic relating / not just projecting our values and shadows onto others

You will:

  • Connect through unconditional love with each of the participants in a heart-opening circle.
    This experience creates the safety for you to heal, learn and grow during the weekend.
  • Get to know all participants on their mental, physical, cultural and social level.
    This experience allows you to balance and harmonize these four essential realms of our humanness to co-create a thriving love relationship.
  • Identify developmental stages of consciousness from which we experience and make sense of the world and our love relationships.
    This experience allows you to continually heal and grow together with a compatible partner, which will keep your relationship alive.
  • Discuss the differences between biological sex/nature and learned gender roles/nurture of males and females that impact our love relationships.
    This experience provides you with intimate and profound insights what it means to be a male or female in today's world.
  • Feel into the two feminine and masculine polarities through a movement exercise.
    This experience shows you the gender neutrality of the four polarities, your center of gravity, and future healing and growth potentials.
  • Experience the five stages of spiritual development from Gross to Non-Dual during a guided meditation.
    This experience may open the door for meditation with your partner and provide you with your deepest state realizations yet.
  • Dive into the sacredness of human touch and spiritual connection.
    You will experience a non-dual state with your partner that includes the gross, subtle, and causal realms which you can transform into a stage through ongoing practice after the workshop.
  • Safely explore the five stages of sexual development from repressed to transcendent sexuality.
    This experience will allow you to remove shame and blocks that you may have around your sexuality and to advance towards a sustainable, healing, sacred spiritual energy exchange (sex) practice.
  • Revisit childhood experiences that formed your Anima/Animus complex which impacts who you feel psychologically attracted to and how you co-create love relationships.
    This exercise will allow you to see patterns of attraction and fear/shame dynamics in your love relationships.
  • Discover and heal the shadow or false identity elements in yourself and your partner that often sabotage our love relationships.
    This experience will create compassion for yourself and your partner and will save you hours in therapy and prolonged heartbreak by returning to it whenever you have an emotional reaction to your partners reality.
  • Understand your own and your partners personality types.
    This exercise will allow you to give and receive love in a way that resonates with you and your partner.

What Other Participants Experienced:

I got so much out of this presentation. I really liked the comments and quotes you shared about how it is in our intimate relationships and how we develop the most spiritually.

That was very interesting Martin. I am eager to learn more about Wilber and cosmic consciousness. I loved your presentation.

Great to meet you today and I really enjoyed your talk. It was great to hear how you have integrated all the theories into relationships. It was a wonderful forum to learn and talk to some other people in the session who are all open to how integral applies to relationships. Thanks.

Martin is The Man!
We had a great time at the first Integral Relationship Workshop this weekend. In case you didn't know, Martin is The Man!
David Pearson

An inspiring and eye-opening weekend
The Integral Relationships Workshop with Martin Ucik was an inspiring and eye-opening weekend for both of us. I think what truly sets Martin and his work apart is his phenomenal ability to process and communicate vast amounts of diverse relationship wisdom into a digestible format that feeds the mind... and somewhat unexpectedly, the heart as well. Many experiential practices are woven throughout the course so that we not only understand the content but also feel it deeply. This combination of knowledge and real-world application is missing in a lot of offerings in the world today and in the integral community in particular. We both loved Martin and his style."
David & Beth, Los Angeles, CA

You did fantastically well!
I would like to commend you and thank you for your Integral Relationships workshop in Los Angeles. You were meticulously prepared. Especially given that this was your first whole weekend, you had the timing of the exercises well thought through and you never seemed rushed. I found the experiential exercises involving the rope and the quadrants illuminating.
Your prepared questions for each quadrant were very helpful. I frankly wondered how you could educate people unfamiliar with Ken's quadrants in such a short time, but you did it fantastically well! My partner had never been exposed to Ken's work and now she wants to read much more of his work.
Your being of vulnerability, your humility and your knowledge of this material made for a tremendous weekend workshop. I learned about my partner, about Ken's work, and about myself.
Thank you Martin!
Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD
Pacific Skills Training Co.

Just fantastic!
My friend Ted Baker and I hosted Martin's Los Angeles weekend intensive seminar just this last weekend, and it was just fantastic!
Some friends and I have been holding the longest running integral salon / meetup group in the Los Angeles area for several years now, and we were delighted that Martin Ucik took on the job of combining integral meta-theory with his vast knowledge of masculine/feminine energetic and male/female gender relationships, after having read over 200 books on the subject (!). He beautifully wove together the important points of many different perspectives, including representational modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), developmental models, the Enneagram, our primary fantasies, and anima/animus stages, plus much more. What I got the most out of, personally, were the anima/animus stage distinctions and the experiential exercises that Martin very skillfully facilitated; getting it "in your head" is one thing, getting it to move from your head "into the body and being" is quite another, and that is where transformation lives and breathes (as Ken Wilber often says, "the map is not the territory", the territory is our embodied lives and relationships).
Martin is both wise and humble, a beautiful human, being and doing, and I cannot recommend his seminars highly enough; this work of his comes from an authentic heart, sharing knowledge, compassion and love, truly a gift for those of us fortunate enough to receive it. I heartily endorse his great work!
Eliot Bissey

What a beautiful “holon” of love we co-created together!
Thank you again for calling forth such a powerful vibration of love, growth and inspiration which I felt in attending your Workshop. When I first read your book, I was overwhelmed with the charts, graphs, diagrams, etc., as my brain does not easily grasp a concept in a visual format. And yet through the written word of your text I was intrigued enough to attend your workshop and to learn more about Integral Relationships.
I was wonderfully surprised at how much I grew to understand this concept and attribute it fully to the format of your workshop. Through the many experiential exercises [almost 20] I was able to understand the concepts introduced to me in your book. And thus, am better equipped to practice this as a way of being in the world for better understanding and compassion for myself and my partner as well as all those I am connected to in relationship.
I appreciate the way we opened up the workshop on Saturday in meditation and with the “circle of affirmation” and then immediately into the pairing up in the quadrants with a partner. This really helped break the ice and set the tone for a safe place to be "real" for the weekend. I found the lists of questions you supplied most helpful in inviting a more authentic and open dialogue with another.
You’re facilitation kept me so engaged the entire two days of the workshop that not once did I care to check the time. By the end of the day Sunday, I felt so connected to not only each workshop attendee but to my extended community and the planet as a whole. What a beautiful “holon” of love we co-created together!
I’m so grateful to you, Martin, for the work you have done in your life in writing this book, for your courage and integrity in sharing it with others - and most of all for allowing me to feel and see a heart wide open to love! My prayer is that you continue to share your love and gifts to as many people as possible.
Thank you for the way you show up in Life. Your life is truly a blessing! Thank you for sharing a bit of that with me.”
In gratitude and in joy.
Rumi Noon

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